year one.

Happy Monday morning!
{Okay not really...I'm stuck at work until 3.}

Happy Birthday, little blog!
{That one is for real.}
One year ago today, I started this little baby. I had been reading Bethany and Jess's incredible blogs for a while and I thought to myself "Hey, I think I want to start one of these."  It's one of those projects that I never really expected liking it so much--it's morphed into my own personal journal {even though I leave it unlocked for you to read}. I throw in my thoughts, my photos, what makes me happy, and what I strive to be.

It's fun looking at the year that has passed by. I have chronicled so many events and written about different aspects of my life. 315 posts later here I am. I'm being retrospective today and taking a look at some things that happened from 1.11.09-1.11.10:
*sharing 25 things about me.
*Threw a baby shower for my sister and her little boy and then met him.
*Laughed at Carl Lewis singing the National Anthem.
*Freaked out about becoming an adult. {Still treading the unknown waters of adulthood..with Chad's help, am learning that it's okay not to know everything.}
*Realized I'm not always in control of every situation {am so glad that responsiblity is God's; I would do a terrible job.}
*The 1st time I shared about my chalkboard obsession.
*Writing about the greatest weekend ever.
*Watching UJ grow.
*Me. A 10-year-old ladybug.
*Sharing my desire for a new zip code.
*A {select few of} our engagment pictures.

It's been a rewarding journey. Here's to another year of stories and experiences.




Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Happy birthday Project Simple Life! Here's to another successful year :) I love your engagement photos! xo

Johanna said...

Happy bloggety blog birthday Amanda!
xoxox Here's to another great year of bloging ahead!

Meghan said...

Happy (belated) blog birthday! Here's to many, many more!

Carolynn Cecilia said...

Yes, Happy Birthday adorable blog! You are quite the charming little piece of blog-land and I'm not just saying that because I want you to share your delicious looking cupcake with me.

bethany said...

I'm so very belated and catching up on my reads...but a belated blogiversary to you! :)

I bet, for you, the journey from 2010-2011 will be extra exciting! Filled with big moments of graduating, becoming a wife, and tons of little moments inbetween!

Blessings and love...keep crankin' out the blogs! :)


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