Dear Uriah: You

There are certain moments in life where something happens that trumps ever other thing going on in the world. When our cousin's husband was killed in a car accident, that was an event where nothing else mattered. I didn't care about TV, homework, makeup, shopping, anything. My family mattered. Chad mattered. God mattered.

Meeting you for the first time was one of those 'nothing-else-matters' moments. I'm utterly amazed how perfect you are.

Uriah Joseph Wales
April 28, 2009 (which is daddy's birthday too)
8:05 PM
9 lbs. 4oz
22 and a half inches long


Simple Weekend: Laughs and Tears

{I've actually had this post ready for a couple days, but I was sick from Tuesday to just getting over it now and I didn't really want to post on the blog let alone raise my head from my pillow. Please forgive.}
This past weekend was full. I don't have many pictures, but I do have some words-

*Went to a comedy show with Chad's family. (It was so funny! Two people were featured both from the Cities. The woman kept saying "yeah" a lot in her routine which got annoying, but the guy was so hilarious. We all found him very amusing.)

*Went to Chad's aunt's old house to clean the yard up in order to sell the house. It was very tiring but there's something about seeing the immediate results of working that is very rewarding. She is the aunt who passed away in February and all her possessions are going to be donated to Hope Gospel Mission. She had a lot of old records and games that the family is graciously letting me try to sell on Ebay. They are also allowing me to keep some things in order to build up my classroom materials. They are so willing to help out that I almost feel embarrassed to take the things.
*After the raking at Carol's, we were so tired that we spent part of the day snuggled up reading. We watched some of the Brewers' game and then went over to my house.
*We ended up spending the rest of the evening playing Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. Has anyone else played this game? It's so much fun! The only bad thing is that we only have five people now so the teams are uneven. It took us three hours to finish this game, and mainly it was at the end when teams try to get the final questions. That probably took an hour by itself. We love playing games like that as a family-does anyone have any suggestions to different ones we can try?

*The day started out as usual-church, lunch, work out.
*We had the best night we've had in a long time. Hannah, Chad and I went to see one of the local high school jazz ensemble's play with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. I know I've already mentioned that I'm completely infatuated with his voice, and tonight was no different. The great thing about the concert was that not only did Justin sing to my soul, the band was so talented that I almost forgot that they were in high school. I absolutely loved everything about the evening and can't stop raving about it. I'm kicking myself for not taking my camera with especially since we were in the third row! Thankfully, Chad found this link that featured the pictures below:

Then in no way compare to the actual sights that we got to see, but they do paint a pretty picture. I loved 'The Lady is a Tramp' and 'Bewitched, Bothered, Bewildered' because he didn't sing them with the Bon Iver falsetto voice; it was just his normal amazing voice. When he sang "A Satisfied Mind" I cried. It was the purest, sweetest performance I've ever heard. He had everyone transfixed on his words and voice that I didn't hear anyone speak that whole time. I'm so mesmerized with Justin's voice, essence, spirit that this whole week I've just been on a concert high. I'm so blessed that I've been able to go to two of his concerts. So, Justin, if you're ever reading this I want you to understand that every time your voice fills my ears I am so moved by you and what you say to me. Your voice is simply pure and glorious-please don't ever change. Thank you for making your sweet music accessible to all who can hear. I love everything you've ever sung Justin-and I'll probably love all your future songs as well.

For more Justin/Bon Iver goodness, go: here, here, here, here, here. Immediately. Seriously-what are you waiting for?


Makes Me Laugh Monday: Repeats

In honor of the Miss USA pageant that aired last night, I thought I'd show a clip from Miss Teen USA two years ago. The winner last night was Miss North Carolina, but this clip comes from South Carolina. That's right, it's the infamous "I personally believe" clip. Enjoy!

Also for your viewing pleasure, I found this over at Andrea's blog. It's so funny! (Bonus: Here's their website- Enjoy!)


How we know spring is here.

As I have already mentioned in past posts, Chad and I are big Brewers fans. We both wanted to watch the season opener against the Giants and this was the perfect way to do so-

*We wore our Brewers T-shirts. (Chad has at least five; I on the other hand only have one that fits.)

*This is Chad's 'I'm-so-excited-to-watch-the-game-I-can-hardly-stand-it face'.

*Our handmade/handcut (thank you very much) fries. Our first go at them and we figured out that we need to crisp them up after baking.

*The finished product: Homemade fries, turkey brats with onions and ketchup, and beer (for my over-age honey)

*Karma actually looking at the camera (This rare moment had to be captured.)

*Delicious leftover turtle cheesecake made by Chad's mom for his birthday. Seriously-this woman could be a chef.

Dear Nephew- Your Nursery


According to your mommy, there are four days to your official due date. I am beyond excited. Unfortunately, you must be pretty comfortable in there because she also told us that you probably will be late. It's okay, but I'm so anxious to see you:)

I got to see your parents this Easter Sunday. It was so blissful and they showed us your nursery. Your mom has been working hard to get all these diapers for you. You will probably be the driest baby on your block.

Mom and Dad still have a little work to getting everything arraigned but I think that when I come over to visit, this will be one of the hotspots!

Here's me, Aunt Hannah, Mommy, and you still hiding in there. (Look at your 'uncle' Chad peeking in the background.)

I love you both and your papa, and we all can't wait to see you!


Simple Weekend: Major Catchup

So how long has it been since I've updated my life? One year? Two years? Okay not that long but since it's been a couple weeks, I'll just give a pictorial spread of my weekends...

*Hannah's 14th birthday-Yes, these pictures date back to March 13th.

*My dad with his ticket to the Brewers/Twins game we're going to in May.

*And with his gluten-free cake. He does wear more than turtlenecks:)

*Went to Mogie's Pub with this guy. Sigh-those potato bites.

*We also got a chance to go to Infinitea to see our friends Jump the Wagon perform their first show ever! It was so intimate and the guys were so nervous. There were about 50 people in this little tea house. What is really cool is that Matt (the guy featured in the second to last picture playing the guitar) is my friend, Claire's fiancee. One of the other guys, Jon, used to work with Chad, so it was surprising to see all of them in one night!

*Aren't these charming?

*So bummed that this picture didn't really turn out-I guess it's because it was taken at 11 at night. I just wanted to show how charming this place was and how it was this deep eggplant color.

Well, that and so much more has been going on these last few weeks. Look in the next couple days for even more happenings!


Dear Nephew- Holy Organic Cuteness

Hi Lovey.

(You don't even know what the word 'organic' means...)
Are you having a good time? Your mom and dad just went to the doctor today. They found out that you will be in there for quite a while. How come? We are all so eager to see you, honey. Anyway, I can't believe I might have to wait until the 24th to see-seriously, that is just too long. While I'm waiting for you, I have been searching the web finding cuteness and serious deals all over the place. I'm so loving these (too bad they're in Canada and I have no idea if they take American money)

*According to the comment on this post, they do accept American money in the form of credit cards. Thanks Raspberry Kids!

This seems like something you could really love. Don't you want to play with it in your yard?

Can you please have mom buy you this backpack for preschool? It's all sorts of adorable.

Not only is this cute, but it's made with unbleached and unprocessed cotton filling.

Okay, okay, I know that mom has been folding and washing so many clothes for you, but I can't resist showing these. They're especially awesome since they're made from bamboo which protects from UV rays and it anti-bacterial. I'd really like these keeping those little toes warm, especially when I come over and nibble on them!

I can't wait to build forts and sand castles with you. And what's great about this is that it's made with 'advanced environmentally friendly materials, helping reduce fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions'.

Babycakes, so much is happening for you! You have such loving parents that are turning their guest bedroom in to your little baby suite. I love you!!

{These finds are all here. You should make momma go on this website because I could scour it forever. I know that your Grandma Hulke is so loving this site-she's so green:)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.}
I have a little under four months until I turn 21. Is this the year I'm supposed to become an adult? I don't really feel anything like one. I still live with my parents. I do this because I don't feel the need to move out and spend money on rent and five bills every month. I have two bills-credit card and cell phone. I only put gas and my cell phone payment on my credit card. I don't feel like that's pathetic though. I feel like it's smart since Love and I will be married next year.

I just still don't feel like an adult. I don't know how much things cost...water, heat, cable, etc. I don't understand deductibles, insurance, mortgages (why do they even spell mortgages like morTgages?), CD's, any of that fancy "adult" stuff. I like feeling prepared when facing something. I like knowing what's going to happen and what I can do. I can't help it- I'm a planner.

Something I do have to remember is that "all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose". (I should really have this taped to the back of my hand.)

So all you people out there who are older than me-did you feel prepared when you became an adult? When did you even feel like an adult? Is it really as hard as it looks-living on your own?


Makes Me Laugh Monday: The National Anthem

It's true that the past couple of weeks the Makes Me Laugh Mondays have all been basically about what Chad thinks is funny. Well, sorry, here's another in honor of my love. If you don't know Chad that well (which is totally fine...), he likes to listen to sports radio. A certain sports radio station (sorry, babe, I can't remember which one it is) plays all these clips from past sports highlights. This clip featuring Carl Lewis is one of the Hulke favorites. (One time when playing Dominos together, we played it probably five or six times). See for yourself:

Is it making you laugh?


T-Minus One Week

Easter is next Sunday and I'm so excited. I love this celebration of Jesus and His power over death. It's so amazing to sit in church and hear and sing the powerful words of knowing our Redeemer lives. Reading the whole Easter account in the Bible is so nice to reflect on the love and power that God has.

On more of a secular level, I love Easter because it finally (and I do mean finally, since it was snowing today) feels like spring. It just feels warmer and sunnier after Easter comes and goes. I love the pastel colors and the Easter hats that little girls wear. I look forward to spending time with both sides of the family and going on an Easter basket hunt at Chad's parents house.

I am also fond of dying eggs which is why I was so excited to find this picture on dying eggs with natural foods. Isn't that so neat? You don't have to buy a dying kit, just finding things around the house to dye with is simple enough. Onions? Cabbage? Coffee? Perfect dying supplies. I would love to try this with my daycare kids, and in the future even my own children. I'll definitely have to consult Martha to make sure I'm doing everything in order. (BTW- is there anything crafty this woman doesn't know how to do?)

found: 3191 miles apart

Any Easter traditions you have that you absolutely look forward to doing?

I love this reminder of who I am. I would put this next to my bed to cheer me up every morning...



Dear Chad,

It's your 26th birthday today and I can't wait to see you and give you 26 birthday hugs and kisses. I love you...always.

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This makes me think of what is happening with us right now:)

Chad through the ages (and by ages, I mean the five years I've known him)


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