october 31st.

Over the last few weeks, Halloween has been a big topic at the daycare center I teach at. We've read stories about Halloween, talked about their "Black and Orange Party" on Friday and they've shared with me what they are going to be for Halloween. They are going to be-Batman, a tiger, a "pumpkinhead", Snow White, a ghost, Spiderman...the list goes on.

When they were telling me what they were going to be, I was surprised that no one say they were going to be a ladybug. That's what I was from the ages 5-10. We had this satin red ladybug costume that we'd were on our backs like a backpack and we'd strap the yellow fuzzy antenna around our heads. My sister, Laura, was the first one to wear it in our family, then the honor got passed down to me, and then my sister, Hannah. I don't think it made the trip from Mankato with us, though. Bummer. I hoped Laura would dress her babies up in a couple years.

{me circa '98 in the beloved ladybug costume}

P.S. I was joking with Laura about having baby U be Martin Luther for Halloween {come on, that would be adorable}, but all I could find was a monk robe for adults. Maybe this will have to be E's costume.


Hannah said...

Hmmm, I actually think we brought the costume with us, because I remember it being in my closet at the old house....

the Provident Woman said...

This is Halloween week for my daycare. I'm super excited.


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