Dear Nephew- Party all for you (and momma)

Hi sweet Babe,

I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I've talked to you. I've been so busy with school, but today is Thursday and my week is winding down and I can finally talk to you about the party that I threw for you and Mommy on Saturday.

By the way, Nephew, I've gotta say I can't wait to be able to say your name when you get here (it stinks that I don't even know what you're going to be called-your mom and dad are so good about keeping your name a secret).

Anyway, I loved being able to spend time with your parents on Friday and Saturday. You are growing so much and you move around a lot. You made momma uncomfortable when you got up underneath her ribs-you should try to avoid that area of your little bubble. I don't think momma really cares, she just gets a yucky feeling. Her back hurts so bad sometimes from carrying you in her belly, and your dad rubs her sore spot. Nephew, your mom's body is getting ready for you-she's starting to get something called Braxton-Hicks contractions (who would want to have contractions named after them?). You have to grow so much before we get to see you...you have to gain half a pound a week! Not too much longer, though.

On Saturday, your aunt Hannah, your grandma Sandy, and I all went over to get the room decorated for your big party. Your grandma worked so hard to get everything ready-she made all the food and prepared everything. Your aunt Hannah was so particular with the jobs I gave her...she arranged all the decorations very nicely. I wanted to make a clothesline displaying all your clothes, but nothing I did seemed to work. I tried tape, clothespins, but I was getting irritated so I had to just let it go.

We had such a great party for you, Babe, here are some pictures for you to look at:

(See what I mean about aunt Hannah making everything neat for you?)

(She also made a 'B' out of the punch cups for 'baby' and 'boy'.)

(This was one of the games we played, Nephew. I had everything laid out and then all the ladies would guess how much everything cost.)

(There I am getting everything arranged before the party.)

(Did you like the raspberry serbet punch I made? Your momma thought it was really tasty.)

(There's aunt Hannah arranging the crayons.)

(See Nephew? I really wanted to hang all these clothes up on a line but nothing worked. It's hard hanging a line on hard concrete. Look at how cute these clothes are, love. I can't wait to see you in the fisherman's hat.)

(See all the yummy food your grandma Sandy made? I hope you thought it was tasty-especially the veggie pizza.)

(Look! There's your second cousin Samuel crawling around. He and your other second cousin Leah made an appearance at the party. It made your momma so happy to be around babies.)

(There's me and your momma getting ready to open some presents. People were so happy to give you things to wear. You got so many cute items to play with, love!)

(Since your momma loves to read books, I thought it would be nice to give her books that she can read to you. I wrote on the invitation that people should bring a book to donate to your expanding library. You got some of the best books, Nephew. Here's your momma opening a book from Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Nathan.)

(Nephew, look! Here's all the girls in the Hulke family. We loved seeing your momma and daddy and getting a chance to celebrate you a little bit...)

Nephew, I just wanted to tell you that I love you and I really liked throwing a party for you. You are already so blessed to be in such a loving family. All your momma's aunts and your momma's Grandma Hulke stayed and helped us clean up. They are so loving!

I can't believe the next time I see your momma, you might be here!


Aunt Amanda


Anonymous said...

Great times!!! By the way, we tried to hung baby clothes too at Heather's shower & nothing worked either!!! There must be an easier way then putting up a real clothes line!!!

brand.new.housewife said...

Wow, I look massive. Thanks so much for the lovely party! We are absolutely overwhelmed with all of the wonderful gifts we got. It seems likely that the next time you see us, Baby will be here, unless you come visit.

Braxton Hicks Wales...what do you think?


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