I have a little under four months until I turn 21. Is this the year I'm supposed to become an adult? I don't really feel anything like one. I still live with my parents. I do this because I don't feel the need to move out and spend money on rent and five bills every month. I have two bills-credit card and cell phone. I only put gas and my cell phone payment on my credit card. I don't feel like that's pathetic though. I feel like it's smart since Love and I will be married next year.

I just still don't feel like an adult. I don't know how much things cost...water, heat, cable, etc. I don't understand deductibles, insurance, mortgages (why do they even spell mortgages like morTgages?), CD's, any of that fancy "adult" stuff. I like feeling prepared when facing something. I like knowing what's going to happen and what I can do. I can't help it- I'm a planner.

Something I do have to remember is that "all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose". (I should really have this taped to the back of my hand.)

So all you people out there who are older than me-did you feel prepared when you became an adult? When did you even feel like an adult? Is it really as hard as it looks-living on your own?


{eleise} said...

lol...i still don't feel like an adult and i'm married and only get bills for mail! =) why feel older when we are at a great age?

don't feel bad about living at home...so super smart to save money up for your new life together! =)

brand.new.housewife said...

Hey sis - I'm 25 and I feel a little lost sometimes, too! Is anyone ever really prepared for adulthood?

I remember what it was like to first be on my own and have to deal with all of those things like setting up my own Internet and insurance and all of that. I was totally clueless, but you really do learn by doing. The key is finding people to help you that you know you can trust. Our realtor was AWESOME and really helped us out a lot when it came to buying our first home...we really couldn't have done it without her!

Plus, it's nice to be married to somebody who has a little bit more experience with this stuff and will do the tough talking/negotiating. Eli is not afraid of confrontation at all, whereas I can be a meek little kitten when it comes to people trying to rip me off. Make Chad take care of some of that stuff when you get hitched. :-)

You'll do just fine - it's a learning process! Love you!

rinse repeat said...

Hey you! :) I'm like you, too. I want to know exactly how much everything costs...I crunch the numbers hundreds of times, and check out dozens of options whenever I'm making a decision!

I would have to say that I felt like I made the transition to adulthood when got my first apartment...all by myself. And I was unbelievably excited, but didn't feel at all prepared. I didn't quite know how I would pay all the bills, if I could even make anything for dinner other than instant oatmeal or how in the world I could go to bed at night knowing I was the only one in my house.

So, here are my solutions:
1. Budget. Budget. Budget. And pray for a raise. It worked for me :)
2. Get a good cookbook, memorize three recipes and always keep the ingredients on hand. You never know when you might have last minute company!
3. Stock up on nightlights. Most nights, I keep two lights on...a little pathetic, but it makes me feel safe.
4. Little to no credit cards. I've never applied for a credit card, and promised myself I wouldn't until I was 25. Nearing 23 and still going strong :)

Twenty one got me, too. You go to bed one night, and the next morning you're officially an adult and feel the pressure of having everything in life figured out.

Know that it's perfectly alright to not know what the average water bill costs, how to whip up a pot roast or how to check out your renter's insurance options. All that stuff kind of lies on a "growing up" continuum. You'll fumble through and learn it when you need to!

Living on your own is nowhere near as hard as it looks. You live, you learn. It's actually kind of fun :) I can't help but be a little proud with every new recipe I learn and each piece of IKEA furniture I put together on my own.

Don't worry. You're an incredibly savvy chic...no matter when or where adulthood strikes you, it's an exciting moment. :)

YIKES. This was long.

Chad said...

Yeah, honey, as you know living on your own gives you a jump start on "growing up". I've got a pretty good idea of what's going on, although there are still some things I'm not sure of. We'll be there for each other.

Dana said...

Hey Amanda...

I felt this sudden urge of independence when I was 20 and moved out, without really being ready. Now I'm 24, and moving back in with my parents, because of financial irresponsiblity on my part....it's humbling, but I also know that it's God's will. I'm not trying to scare you, but just letting you know that you are smart for staying with your parents while you can. Just because you don't have a "living on your own experience", doesn't mean you are not an adult. I didn't become an adult by moving out...I became an adult when I realized what I could and couldn't handle (so for me just this year). It sounds to me like you're taking adult responsibilty already. When you do move out or get married, you will learn the meaning of these other things...no need to rush it.

BTW, I've been stalking your blog for awhile now. Hopefully, that's not too creepy...


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