twelve by 2012 // goal project by danni


Bloggers come up with the best ideas, don't they?!

Danni from oh, hello friend is so splendid. Not only is she dreaming up 12 goals by 2012, she is giving other bloggers the chance to participate. This is exactly the push I need to get some projects done around here. Lately, I have had no drive to complete anything on my to-do list. Sure, I've been busy. Too busy, in fact. Working on teachers' to-do lists, tests, assignments, lesson plans...you know how it is. No time to focus on the goal that I will feel empowered doing + more importantly, finishing.

So, these 12 to-dos are for me. Focused on areas of my house + agenda that will help me feel just that -- accomplished. I will come back to this list and update the process I'll be making. Feel free to join me, Danni, and all the others!

twelve by 2012.
Bold = done. Hurray!
italic = in progress.
01. remove wallpaper from our bathroom and kitchen.
02. paint at least one of those rooms.
03. do two projects off my want to create pinboard.
04. make a complete november + december meal calendar.
05. buy new flats and a pair of TOMS.
06. start my e-portfolio for school.
07. edit the europe trip pictures.
08. create an advent calendar for c + me.
09. cut + dye my hair.
10. go to thrift stores (with a edited eye, of course) at least four more times (x2 a month).
(1 of 4 times done)
11. visit laura + family once -- just the two of us.
12. get a desk and bookcase for our office.


i wore mittens today.

It's true. The high today in Wisconsin is 45. Which means that we are getting Chad's sweaters out of storage and onto hangers and I am seeing how long I can last before I wear long underwear under my jeans. The drive to school isn't so pretty anymore -- it's at that awkward part of the season where almost all the leaves have fallen and everything that is left is now this rusty brown color. And, every time we have to take Leo out (who is doing great, by the way), we either wear a jacket or stand there shivering.

And while this semester's workload has left my fall to-do list virtually untouched (I haven't even carved a pumpkin yet!), I did drink a pumpkin spice latte earlier this month and we have a bowl of candy corn sitting on the coffee table. So...not a complete fall failure. Right?! :)

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P.S. I was going to apologize for the lack of time I have spent on this blog and talking to you all, but I decided against it. If I apologized for every time I took a 5+ day leave from here, I'd constantly be throwing out 'I'm sorry's'. Just know that of all the commitments I have going on and of all the things on my plate, blogging is the one commitment that I want to keep up and yet can't all the time. I do miss you so, so much! :)



I have a list a mile and a half long of things I want to tell + show you about our new house, our new neighborhood, and all things in between. But for now, I'll show you the newest member of our family. The sunshine of our day(s).


This sweet little boy came to be ours yesterday afternoon and is never leaving (since we love him too much). The way we got him is one of the saddest stories (it still makes me tear up thinking about it): my mother-in-law heard from a former coworker that Leo (then Bentley) was in a foster home because his owners were going to put him under since their cat didn't get along with him! Can you imagine putting that sweet boy under?? Neither could we. So we got in contact with the right people, did a major shopping spree at Walmart + Petsmart, and took him home and introduced him to Karma (our cat).

Needless to say, he has completely turned our lives upside down. We now have to wake up early to take him out, come home for lunch, and give him treats after he listens to us say "Sit", and snuggle with him. :) It's been an adjustment...

but a good one. :)


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