Dear Uriah: You

There are certain moments in life where something happens that trumps ever other thing going on in the world. When our cousin's husband was killed in a car accident, that was an event where nothing else mattered. I didn't care about TV, homework, makeup, shopping, anything. My family mattered. Chad mattered. God mattered.

Meeting you for the first time was one of those 'nothing-else-matters' moments. I'm utterly amazed how perfect you are.

Uriah Joseph Wales
April 28, 2009 (which is daddy's birthday too)
8:05 PM
9 lbs. 4oz
22 and a half inches long


bethany said...

Yay baby! He is so unbelievably perfect in everyway. Congrats, Auntie Amanda :)

Becca said...

he's a little cutie!


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