5.15: shoot.

Look what lovely package came in the mail on Friday: our engagement pictures! Many thanks to Jeff Kesterson for all his hard work creating so many beautiful photos for us. {Also-love the package that the disc arrived in...Jess, the little ribbon added such a personal touch. Thank you so much-you are one crafty goddess:)}

I'm not going to post all the pictures Jeff took {even though I could-they were done so well}, but I will give you a peek at our top 5 favorites-

With the pictures, we are planning to make our guestbook, give some out to parents and grandparents for Christmas, and keep a few to frame for the reception...lots of different possibilities.

{All images are copyright of J Kesterson Photography and can not be in any way copied or reproduced.}

To view more of Jeff's work, please visit his website or Flickr page.


Katie - My Paisley Apron said...

Yay! We love Jeff's work too!!

bethany said...

Cute, cute, cute! I am especially loving the last photo! :)

So very cute!

Laura said...

Love them, love them, love them. And you will be showing me all of them when we come to town, justsoyouknow.

katrina lauren said...

super cute photos...you can just feel the love & friendship!
enjoy sharing them with your family & friends!

Johanna said...

I just came across your blog. so I still have some discovering to do but I just wanted to say congrats on your engagement!


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