happy weekend.

Whenever Chad goes away for a weekend trip, I always seem to write about it. I write about how sad I get when mine is the only toothbrush in the toothbrush holder and mine are the only pillows on the bed. Then I write about all my big plans to get everything done in three days before Chad gets back home. Cram as much shopping, writing, eating, errand-running, and chores as I can.

This time around, those lofty goals are still on my to-do list (I actually did write out a list) sprinkled with fun things like watching the opening ceremonies with a glass of wine and sushi (and pining for London again) tonight and the farmer's market and editing pictures tomorrow morning. Will you be watching the Olympics this weekend? It's my absolute favorite!

It might not seem like the most thrilling weekend to date, but it's just what I need before our whirlwind August rolls around...



five purchases shown.
plus three honey sticks.
one Saturday ago.
ten dollars spent.
turned into kebobs.
kale chips.
roasted potatoes.
plenty of cereal and berry breakfasts.



little things in life. // summer edition

summer shandy. dawson's creek on netflix. reading books. hanging laundry outside. flowery tablecloths. cottage cheese + eggs for breakfast. bobby pin hairstyles. frisbee throwing with leo. chlorine swimming pools. summer olympics trials. fans blowing on me at night. instagram pictures. smell of sunscreen. fires crackling. blowing bubbles. the joy of catching fish. pink and purple sunsets. the art of un-plugging. jeopardy + popcorn dates. the avengers. waiting for the dark night. guilty pleasure // the bachelorette. farmer's market flowers. flip flops. peanut butter and apple slices. vodka sours. organizing the craft room. having time to organize the craft room. riding on a boat. painting toenails. baseball games + sunflower seeds. exercising more. garage sales and thrift sale trips. sun still out at nine at night. flavored water. lawn chairs. frozen yogurt. lake water. swimming with leo. eating grilled suppers courtesy of chad. sidewalk chalk. iced coffee.watering our little basil plant. cool sheets. summer wreath making. smores. magazines -- and having time to read them. sleeping with the windows open.

this summer list is brought to you by free time. i have it and i am enjoying it.


sparkly skies.

On this Fourth of July, I had a fleeting thought while laying on the baseball field on one of my parents' old blankets:

It would be so cool to be on an airplane on the night of July 4th so that you see all the fireworks from the cities below you. 

But that thought was over as soon as I thought about how lonely that would be. Watching all those fireworks alone while families are below you crowded together on a couple of blankets? Not for me.

I like doing fireworks + 4th of July the way my family has always done it -- sitting together and watching the sky sparkle and light up. I love listening to all the oohs and wows that people softly whisper to themselves. I love the collective cheering after the finale. I love the cheesy song 'Proud to be an American'. I love the fireworks that look like sparkly rain falling. I love the past six fireworks shows most of all, because somewhere during, my guy will steal a kiss.


addressing those deep seeded camping phobias.

Growing up, I didn't come from what you would call a 'camping family'. I don't have those fond memories of my family of six squeezed into our tent, roasting hot dogs around the campfire, and fishing in the early morning sunrise.

I grew up detesting camping.

And all things outdoors for that matter. But allow me to explain: this 23-year-hatred was through no fault of my parents. Don't get me wrong, I loved my version of outdoors, where I got to control it -- biking, swimming, and playing in my childhood town, but if they ever suggested that I go out of a 30-second radius of running water and indoor plumbing, I blocked out the bad parts of my childhood behavior, I probably threw a mini tantrum whining that there's no way I would be caught dead peeing outside.

To me, camping was all things that I disliked the most --  rolled up into one disgusting package.

I would complain all the time (it's too hot...it's too buggy). I hated sleeping on the ground. I hated getting bit by mosquitoes. HATED it. Oh, to little seven-year-old me that was the worst thing ever about summer.

Chad on the other hand, grew up loving it. And still does. Which is why when his parents suggested that we come out to the lake they were staying at this weekend, he said yes.

Now, I'm slowly warming up to the idea of camping and this experience was a nice way to dip my toes into the camping world since there was a camper on-site and a beach/park down the road with public bathrooms.

But, I toughed it out -- not as much as Chad's parents and sister...but I came a long way from when I was a kid. I slept on the floor of a tent, and minimally complained about the mosquito bites I was getting and the lack of shower I had.

Because I realized that the reason that Chad grew up loving it was because it is really enjoyable. I liked swimming in the lake, was eager to get on the boat and fish, and liked doing things I didn't think I would enjoy (like fileting a fish).

On the way there, I was driving through the deeply wooded Wisconsin back country roads and I actually requested that Chad find some Johnny Cash and play it right then. "Because" I told him, "I think that I'm only in the mood to listen to old school country when I'm camping or fishing". Then with mock horror I said "Am I turning into one of these country girls that I never liked?".

Well, so what if I am. :)

from this weekend -- me: the recent camping convert holding my second fish...ever. wearing a genuine smile.  
husband: photobombing. doing what he does best.


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