The weekend of all weekends

Friday. Saturday. Sunday. You might think not much can happen in 3 days, but this past weekend was so jam-packed with activity that I might have to break it down in two separate posts:)

Long story short: Chad asked me to marry him on Friday. I said yes. We had the perfect weekend.

Short story long:
*I have to record everything because my siblings and I know what happened when my parents got engaged and I want my children to know what happened when we got engaged.

Friday started out like any other day-went to work but then Chad and I were going to see Willy Wonka at the State Theater. He picked me up from my house to go back and hang out at his house before the show. We go in and Karma's collar is laying on the floor (this isn't a thing out of the ordinary-her collar falls off on a regular basis) so I pick it up and try to find her so that I can put it on. Little did I know that the ring was snuggled in between her tags. I have her sitting on my lap as I'm putting it on and she digs her claws into my thigh so I quickly scoot her off and she immediately runs into the other room. Chad then runs after her because he doesn't want her to go under the furniture and not able to get her out. He gets her and then brings her back and says something like "Karma you should apologize to Amanda" and shoves her in my face. I still have not figured out that the ring is on the collar so Chad decides to hold the collar in his hand and then I finally see it. I am absolutely stunned, so I proceed to hug and kiss him and laugh like a crazy person for the next five or so minutes. (Seriously, the guy can't even get a word in.) He then says some really sweet things that I'm just going to say were so beautiful and heartfelt. It was so personal how he asked me to be his wife, so I'm just going to keep that between the two of us.

After that we realized that we only had about an hour and a half until the play started and we wanted to see my parents and tell them before then. So we go over to my house and interrupted them eating supper (they were okay with it). Their reactions were as follows-my mom screamed and giggled, my dad got out the video camera and wanted us to tell the story, Hannah was calm. Then we called my sister and both sets of grandparents. We went to the show and then went to his parents and sister's house to tell them. Little did I know before this day, Chad's side of the family had already seen the ring on Tuesday when he bought it. We ended the night eating McDonald's and sipping on a Twisted Tea at his parents house. Bliss.

Stay tuned for the remainder of the weekend ~A


Dear Uriah-(More than one)-sies

Hi Lovey~
It's been so long since I've written you a letter. I just saw you last weekend, but it wasn't enough. There are so many things about this time of your life that I want to remember. Like:
-Your dad feeding you ice cream (your momma hates it) and the look on your face when it hits your lips
-How you look like a frog when you sleep. You spread your legs out and bend your knees so it looks like you're squatting and then you raise your spread arms out and bend your elbows-whatever makes you comfortable kid.
-Your momma knowing exactly what each cry means. She knows when you're hungry, when you have to fart, when you have to burp, and when you're just not having any of it
-How your soft spot is slowing disappearing everytime we see you
-How your buddy Chad realized in church last Sunday that you sleep with your eyelids open ever so slightly
-How you are the noisiest eater I have ever heard
-Your parents being so amazed to have you. Last Saturday, we were all standing around your crib watching you sleep and they just marveled at little ol' you

I browse the internet almost every day looking for clothes and toys and other things that I think you'll like and I love thinking about you liking something and playing with some of the toys. I went through my files yesterday and realized that I only had one old outdated onesie in there that I thought you'd like. So I looked through etsy and here's what I found-

Might not be too appropriate anymore since you're two months old, but I still like it. Maybe we can just say "new" is a relative term. (funky monkey threads)

Now these two make me giggle! Whenever we see(or hear) that you are hungry, we always laugh that you want the Boob:)
(1st: fun2wear2 2nd: round bottom baby)

And since the Fourth of July is coming up next week, I saw these cute little tops and thought you'd look so handsome in them
(1st: potato patch 2nd: kiddyup)

Oh man. I found the perfect onesie for you, little man. Your parents love the Beatles and I know they'd want you in something like this.

Not only do mom and dad like the Beatles, they are also big baseball fans-you should know, you went to a game with them. They'd probably let you wear something like this.

And on top of all that, they both love the Office! Man, you could really make them happy if you got these.
(1st and 3rd: TrulySanctuary 2nd: Muppet Loon)

For all those who doubt that you are a boy (there are people out there who really think that), here's a subtle way to tell them. (Baby cakes and decor)

And these three would cover your round little belly quite nicely:)
(1st: Baby cakes and decor 2nd: Bella Blu Designs 3rd: Alliecraft)


for dad

I could write a whole big note about how awesome you are and how you're the best dad ever, but that would take way too long. Simply put:

I love you.



The Adventures of Chad and Amanda

Chad and I have been on several outings recently. Here they are in pictures:

{Fishing on Half Moon Lake}

{An Express game}

{Up and Panera Bread}


one of the many

I have recently discovered one of the many differences between men and women:

A couple weeks ago, Chad's best friend Lee was coming into town for the weekend. Since this would affect my weekend as well, I wanted to know some actual details. Well, the conversation went a little something like this-

C: Oh, I got a text from Lee saying that he's coming into town this weekend.
A: Cool! When will he get here?
C: I don't know, Friday night sometime.
A: So you don't know what time it'll be? When is he leaving?
C: I think he said on Monday.
A: So do you think that he'll be able to come to your parents cookout (which was that weekend)?
C: I don't know. Maybe.
A's dad: Amanda, you have just figured out that men don't care about details as much as women. And Chad, the way you avoid this badgering is to never answer the phone.

So there you have it. Men and women (at least in our case) are complete opposites when it comes to details of a particular event. At least we figured this out early on in our lives:) Does this happen to anyone else out there?


oh if only

I would love to do this hairstyle that was on Keira in Pride and Prejudice. Wouldn't it be lovely wedding hair?

Over the past couple weeks

This is what I've been doing-

-went to the Brewers/Twins game with the family. And got to see Ryan Braun:)

Chad was not to happy because the Brewers lost 11-3,

but my dad was happy since he got to see his baseball team (Isn't he so handsome in this picture?!)

-snuggled with this sweetie baby during Hannah's confirmation weekend

(so beautiful.)

while playing dominoes with the family

before going to Hannah's confirmation service

and then having an awesome party with the family

where Chad was the punch-pouring-king-of-the-world. Seriously. He was so cute when he would talk about sherbet to Sierra Mist ratio and how many filled cups should be on the table-what a guy.

and everyone came to see Hannah

and this little charmer (can you believe he's staring right at Chad?!)


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