at least there's some red.

The holidays are over. Yesterday, we undecorated the Christmas tree and packed it all up. All my ornaments from my house are neatly packed up in a box marked "Fragile" waiting for our first Christmas tree next year. I reflected about what we did Christmas '09: the sights we saw, foods we ate, games we played, singing we did, and movies we watched.

That last one really stuck out to me: movies we watched. Usually, our Christmas is filled with the classics and the modern flicks {I'm thinking of Santa Clause and Home Alone 2}. Sure we watched White Christmas while decorating. We watched Elf while wrapping presents and A Charlie Brown Christmas while sharing a meal.

But most of our nights in December were filled with watching something that wasn't very festive.

Dexter. Yeah, Dexter.

The show about a serial killer who hunts bad guys. Not exactly filled with Christmas cheer.

We love it. We borrowed the first three seasons from an evil coworker of mine who never wanted us to go outside in December {not really evil, but that's what happened.}

Now it seems like all we talk about is Rita, the Ice Truck Killer, and the opening scene where Dexter gives this look:

Any other Dexter fans?

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MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Dexter is my fav hands down. Vito, me, and his best friend have Dexter night every week when the season is on. Love this show and love Dexter! Wait til you see season 4!

By the way, here is a link to the site that explained to me how to make the 3 columns. It is pretty easy to follow. If you need help let me know!



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