love poems from my great love.

you radiate brilliance
side effect: stupor
symptoms: dry mouth and nervousness

what did you do to me?
you made me complete.
when did it happen?
still taking place as we speak.

i dream of you
it puts me fast asleep
you don't need to move to knock me off my feet.

i believe when our hearts met 
it was more than random.
now going a day without seeing your face 
is something i can't fathom.

but if i make it through a few 
it means i'll see you soon
because simply being in your presence
can heal any wound.


in the mail.

 Question: Do any of you still send Valentines to your loved ones?

I'm sure my love for Valentine's Day mail stems from my immersion in early childhood + the day care kiddos I'm with every year: I look forward to getting 'miss amanda' scribbled all over the front of a valentine with characters from Cars 2 on the front and chalky love hearts attached in a baggie.

My valentines to siblings and schoolmates aren't covered in glitter and they don't have a tootsie roll pop sticking out, but they do come from the same place in my heart that they did when I was in elementary school and gave cards during my class party. I want to make my loved ones feel special and loved since they do the same to me.

Curious where I got these? I dug them out of my craft box a couple weeks ago and remembered that I bought them when chronicle books was having a sale. Find your own box here: the little box of I love you.

p.s. Just have to say... best new artist! so proud. :)


five senses.

seeing // my new February meal calendar. This month, I'm learning the great skill of organization + planning ahead that was perfected by my mother. With some of my school days lasting from 7am all the way to 8pm I have to pack my lunch + backpack + life with me into the car. So, I had to plan an entire month of meals that we can whip up when we walk in the door home from the gym or work.

hearing // Bon Iver on the radio. Bon Iver on SNL (tomorrow night!) and the Grammys (next week!).We are thrilled for our hometown band!

smelling // sweat. at the gym. (does that gross you out?) That really isn't my intention but I have to share my proud fitness moment with you --- out of the past 34 days, I have gone to the gym + gotten my sweat on (whether it's at classes or the elliptical) 28 days! (eek! Is this really me?) For a newly conformed regular at the gym, this is an amazing feat. I don't know where my inspiration is coming from, but I want it to last!

tasting // mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt. Yes I know that I just said that I'm a gym-goer, but it's our favorite weekly guilt-free (almost) that we share...in small bowls of course.

touching // the laptop keys. With school in full speed again, I am tied once again to my favorite/least favorite slave driver. Sprinkling a pinterest session into reading education articles is the best way I learn. :)


what I like about... // february.

The next installment of my 'what I like about...' series is about February.

Now, my husband and I used to be very melancholy about this month, wishing for its swift departure out of our lives and just bring us to March. But not this time around. This time, we've got events, things, and to-do lists to conquer.

what I like about... // February. 

01. Melting (as of right now). Even if there might be more three more huge snowstorms here in Wisconsin, it's nice to know the sun can still warm the frozen snow.
02. My trip to a professional development conference next week. This is my first one for my career and I'm kinda excited. Which is really nerdy. But I'm still excited. :)
03. A wedding in three weeks. Family. Food. Pretty dresses. My neice and nephew. Photo possibilities galore -- what more could I ask for?
04. Valentine's Day. I love pink, remember?
05. Getting one month closer to student teaching. It can't come soon enough.
06. Lip balm. Silky smooth.
07. The beginning of Lent. An important time to reflect on sacrifices.
08. It's a short month. Not as short as it usually is, but it's still short...

Curious about my desktop background picture? Check out Smashing Magazine -- they do really fantastic monthly installments of new backgrounds. View February's post here.

Here's the rest of my what I like about series.


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