The weekend of all weekends

Friday. Saturday. Sunday. You might think not much can happen in 3 days, but this past weekend was so jam-packed with activity that I might have to break it down in two separate posts:)

Long story short: Chad asked me to marry him on Friday. I said yes. We had the perfect weekend.

Short story long:
*I have to record everything because my siblings and I know what happened when my parents got engaged and I want my children to know what happened when we got engaged.

Friday started out like any other day-went to work but then Chad and I were going to see Willy Wonka at the State Theater. He picked me up from my house to go back and hang out at his house before the show. We go in and Karma's collar is laying on the floor (this isn't a thing out of the ordinary-her collar falls off on a regular basis) so I pick it up and try to find her so that I can put it on. Little did I know that the ring was snuggled in between her tags. I have her sitting on my lap as I'm putting it on and she digs her claws into my thigh so I quickly scoot her off and she immediately runs into the other room. Chad then runs after her because he doesn't want her to go under the furniture and not able to get her out. He gets her and then brings her back and says something like "Karma you should apologize to Amanda" and shoves her in my face. I still have not figured out that the ring is on the collar so Chad decides to hold the collar in his hand and then I finally see it. I am absolutely stunned, so I proceed to hug and kiss him and laugh like a crazy person for the next five or so minutes. (Seriously, the guy can't even get a word in.) He then says some really sweet things that I'm just going to say were so beautiful and heartfelt. It was so personal how he asked me to be his wife, so I'm just going to keep that between the two of us.

After that we realized that we only had about an hour and a half until the play started and we wanted to see my parents and tell them before then. So we go over to my house and interrupted them eating supper (they were okay with it). Their reactions were as follows-my mom screamed and giggled, my dad got out the video camera and wanted us to tell the story, Hannah was calm. Then we called my sister and both sets of grandparents. We went to the show and then went to his parents and sister's house to tell them. Little did I know before this day, Chad's side of the family had already seen the ring on Tuesday when he bought it. We ended the night eating McDonald's and sipping on a Twisted Tea at his parents house. Bliss.

Stay tuned for the remainder of the weekend ~A


danielle said...

I have been checking your blog every hour waiting for the full story and pictures. FINALLY. I'm so psyched and happy for you. Yipee!

bethany said...

Congrats!! It sounds like it was so very sweet, simple and heartfelt :) Way to go, boy!


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