what april brings us.

It's easy to get depressed when winter just doesn't seem to die. We all know in Wisconsin that we always get one last big April snow/ice storm and we all hate it. We are supposed to get 6" in the next day and frankly we all hate it.Especially when we have had those pleasant days of grilling outside and walking our dog  in just sweatshirts. Our Facebook and Twitter posts are clogged with complaining to God about this stinkin' weather and we get jealous of our friends in Washington and Florida who go on with their perfect weather days and apologize for posting pictures of themselves eating outside (lucky ducks). 

Sidenote: Two years ago, on April 24th, we were on our way to a Decemberists concert in Madison and considered turning around during the two hour drive down there because of the ice/slush/snow storm that hit. Seriously, at the end of April?! :)

But, these disastrous weather days bring us cozy nights inside. When we hear the thunder bringing us snow like it did last night, we snuggle under the blankets more. It seems fitting to light some candles and play the music stations on our television instead of the basketball game. Last night, I spied some boys in their cozy spots. I quietly grabbed the camera, turned the ISO sky-high and captured what our night inside looked like. 

Gone Girl. (determined husband wants to finish it tonight. especially since he got to the good part, he says.)
Sweatshirts pulled over his head. 
Gin + tonic by his side. 

One last cozy night. That's all we're good for. Next time, we better be reading outside with our grill fired up and our backyard busy. We are ready. (and have been for a while.) :)


he + she // twenty facts about us.

He is currently reading Gone Girl.
She is currently reading Brooklyn.

He records Bar Rescue, Moonshiners, and Drinking Made Easy.
She records old episodes of Sex and the City.

He listens to Jay Mohr Sports.
She listens to Taylor Swift and Maroon 5 on the radio because she forgets to charge her iPod.

He knows all the starting pitchers for the Brewers.
She knows all the Real Housewives...from every city.

He grills the meat for the house.
She makes the sides. (and has never started the grill)

He puts hot sauce on his tacos and red pepper flakes on his pizza.
She appreciates that he doesn't make the chili spicy, otherwise he'd laugh at her over-the-top reaction.

He can drive a motorcycle.
She is content with being the passenger.

He starts the prayers at night.
She follows along.

He loves dark beer.
She does too, as long as he tastes it first and deems it acceptable.

He grew up with dogs and cats and gerbils and birds.
She had a fish. in eighth grade.

He wears t-shirts and jeans.
She does too, when she's not trying to pass exercise clothes as real outfits.

He was raised in Wisconsin.
She was raised in Minnesota.

He follows sports bigshots on twitter.
She follows bloggers on instagram.

He played soccer and trumpet in high school.
She played volleyball and clarinet.

He has the Tim Allen sound as his text alert.
She has the song from Amelie as her ringtone.

He once caught a 30" walleye.
She has caught 2 fish in her entire life.

He hates folding laundry. especially the socks.
She hates washing and drying the dishes. (he doesn't really like it that much either.)

He likes playing basketball and tennis.
She likes working out on a treadmill or stairmaster or elliptical.

He makes jokes all the time.
She laughs all the time.

He willingly listens to baby name suggestions for our futures.
She has had a list going since high school.

Special thanks for Kelly for inspiring me to do a fact list after reading the one she made about her + Dustin: here.


thirty on april first.

30 facts about my husband

01. He loves a good adventure.
02. He is good at planning them too.
03. He makes me feel safe + secure. whether that's in our house on lyndale with our puppy between us or in a strange hostel in london.
04. He is reassuring and soothing which helps his worrisome spastic wife.
05. He assures me that he can grill just about anything. and will stop at nothing to prove it.
06. He has a good singing voice that can be heard on our way to the store with him in the driver's seat, in our pew at church, or into a microphone at karaoke.
07. He works so hard at what he sets his mind to.
08. He is the stabilizing force in the Hestekin house -- especially with both of us currently job hunting.
09. He doesn't complain. ever. even when we eat chicken four times a week because that's what I like.
10. He doesn't mind being called 'papa' which just started with the addition of Leo.
11. He is so good to Leo -- truly man's best friend.
12. He is patient enough to sit through Dancing With the Stars, even when the Clippers/Lakers game is on.
13. He has the biggest heart which is full of gold. and love for his entire family.
14. He is a little kid -- laughing at his text message notification sound and Wipeout and funny YouTube videos of people falling.
15. He loves discovering new restaurants and avoids chain restaurants if he can help it.
16. He can max out the leg press machine at our gym.
17. He is passionate about his hobbies and not just because other people think they are cool.
18. He has dreams about his careers and acts on them in little ways (so far...).
19. He sees me in the best light and encourages me daily.
20. He has the best taste in music. and alcohol. connoisseur in both.
21. He doesn't play games with people -- he's always himself 100% of the time.
22. He is good at drawing, even little doodles of dogs on scratch pieces of paper for our nephew are better than anything I whip up.
23. He doesn't complain when I ask him to 'make the smoothies tonight' or 'put the clothes in the dryer'.
24. He understands the importance I place on photographing our food before we eat it. and then instagramming it. :)
25. He doesn't require fancy things to make him happy. example -- tonight we are having beef stroganoff at his parents' house for his birthday dinner.
26. He doesn't need a calendar to remember the important things.
27. He looks so cute with his hair spiked with gel. and with his new frames.
28. He is always up for new. "As long as it makes you happy" he says.
29. He completes our family. Home doesn't feel right unless I know he's there.
30. He loves me with all my quirks + annoyances. And I him.

So, happy birthday to the best man, friend, and husband I could have. Thank you for blessing me with him, God.

credits + links:
photo -- taken by me during our day trip to Bruges.
inspiration for the husband fact list -- marta's lists for dan. so sweet.
read other birthday posts written by me: 26. 27. and 28.


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