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Easter is next Sunday and I'm so excited. I love this celebration of Jesus and His power over death. It's so amazing to sit in church and hear and sing the powerful words of knowing our Redeemer lives. Reading the whole Easter account in the Bible is so nice to reflect on the love and power that God has.

On more of a secular level, I love Easter because it finally (and I do mean finally, since it was snowing today) feels like spring. It just feels warmer and sunnier after Easter comes and goes. I love the pastel colors and the Easter hats that little girls wear. I look forward to spending time with both sides of the family and going on an Easter basket hunt at Chad's parents house.

I am also fond of dying eggs which is why I was so excited to find this picture on dying eggs with natural foods. Isn't that so neat? You don't have to buy a dying kit, just finding things around the house to dye with is simple enough. Onions? Cabbage? Coffee? Perfect dying supplies. I would love to try this with my daycare kids, and in the future even my own children. I'll definitely have to consult Martha to make sure I'm doing everything in order. (BTW- is there anything crafty this woman doesn't know how to do?)

found: 3191 miles apart

Any Easter traditions you have that you absolutely look forward to doing?

I love this reminder of who I am. I would put this next to my bed to cheer me up every morning...

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