Dear Nephew- Your Nursery


According to your mommy, there are four days to your official due date. I am beyond excited. Unfortunately, you must be pretty comfortable in there because she also told us that you probably will be late. It's okay, but I'm so anxious to see you:)

I got to see your parents this Easter Sunday. It was so blissful and they showed us your nursery. Your mom has been working hard to get all these diapers for you. You will probably be the driest baby on your block.

Mom and Dad still have a little work to getting everything arraigned but I think that when I come over to visit, this will be one of the hotspots!

Here's me, Aunt Hannah, Mommy, and you still hiding in there. (Look at your 'uncle' Chad peeking in the background.)

I love you both and your papa, and we all can't wait to see you!

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