How we know spring is here.

As I have already mentioned in past posts, Chad and I are big Brewers fans. We both wanted to watch the season opener against the Giants and this was the perfect way to do so-

*We wore our Brewers T-shirts. (Chad has at least five; I on the other hand only have one that fits.)

*This is Chad's 'I'm-so-excited-to-watch-the-game-I-can-hardly-stand-it face'.

*Our handmade/handcut (thank you very much) fries. Our first go at them and we figured out that we need to crisp them up after baking.

*The finished product: Homemade fries, turkey brats with onions and ketchup, and beer (for my over-age honey)

*Karma actually looking at the camera (This rare moment had to be captured.)

*Delicious leftover turtle cheesecake made by Chad's mom for his birthday. Seriously-this woman could be a chef.

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Chad said...

Good Day. Go Crew! And Brats! And Kraut!


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