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For Christmas this year, my parents got me an Ipod nano. I have been filling it with all kinds of artists, but the one that I really wanted to put on it was Bon Iver. It's impossible to talk about the local music scene without mentioning Bon Iver.

For those of you who already know about Bon Iver/Justin Vernon I won't bore you with his story (from E.C., winter in father's cabin all alone, recorded album...you know). Those of you who are interested in reading his story, here's the link to a great article from Volume One.

When wonderful boyfriend introduced me to Bon Iver, I listened and fell in love with Justin's voice and music. This guy makes me proud to be from his town. Every time I read an article or see his name in the paper, it makes me proud to know that he grew up here and went to school here (Chad graduated from Memorial, just two years after him).

In December Bon Iver played a show to a sold-out crowd at the State Theater. As a Christmas present to Chad, I got tickets to the show for us. I know neither of us will forget it. Justin was so humbled by the crowd's reaction to him and thankful for all the support. Unfortunately, I don't have any of my own pictures from the show (since, per Justin, cameras weren't allowed), but I did get some off Volume One's website:

Bon Iver is also mentioned in a Leader-Telegram article last week because the EP "Blood Bank" was the number one downloaded album off iTunes. It's so amazing that our town has such an international sensation. If you have an iPod, it's not complete until Bon Iver's albums (For Emma, Forever Ago) (Blood Bank) are on it.

(found at the echo)

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