Dear Nephew- Holy Organic Cuteness

Hi Lovey.

(You don't even know what the word 'organic' means...)
Are you having a good time? Your mom and dad just went to the doctor today. They found out that you will be in there for quite a while. How come? We are all so eager to see you, honey. Anyway, I can't believe I might have to wait until the 24th to see-seriously, that is just too long. While I'm waiting for you, I have been searching the web finding cuteness and serious deals all over the place. I'm so loving these (too bad they're in Canada and I have no idea if they take American money)

*According to the comment on this post, they do accept American money in the form of credit cards. Thanks Raspberry Kids!

This seems like something you could really love. Don't you want to play with it in your yard?

Can you please have mom buy you this backpack for preschool? It's all sorts of adorable.

Not only is this cute, but it's made with unbleached and unprocessed cotton filling.

Okay, okay, I know that mom has been folding and washing so many clothes for you, but I can't resist showing these. They're especially awesome since they're made from bamboo which protects from UV rays and it anti-bacterial. I'd really like these keeping those little toes warm, especially when I come over and nibble on them!

I can't wait to build forts and sand castles with you. And what's great about this is that it's made with 'advanced environmentally friendly materials, helping reduce fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions'.

Babycakes, so much is happening for you! You have such loving parents that are turning their guest bedroom in to your little baby suite. I love you!!

{These finds are all here. You should make momma go on this website because I could scour it forever. I know that your Grandma Hulke is so loving this site-she's so green:)
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.}


Forever49 said...

You betcha I'm green and I wish I could be greener!

Sue Sinclair, Raspberry Kids said...

Thanks so much for featuring so many of our amazing green products from http://www.raspberrykids.com

We have lots of customers from the US and yes, we do accept American money (credit cards).

Have a fresh, healthy and fun day everyone!

Sue Sinclair, Chief Executive Mom, Raspberry Kids
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