Simple Weekend: Major Catchup

So how long has it been since I've updated my life? One year? Two years? Okay not that long but since it's been a couple weeks, I'll just give a pictorial spread of my weekends...

*Hannah's 14th birthday-Yes, these pictures date back to March 13th.

*My dad with his ticket to the Brewers/Twins game we're going to in May.

*And with his gluten-free cake. He does wear more than turtlenecks:)

*Went to Mogie's Pub with this guy. Sigh-those potato bites.

*We also got a chance to go to Infinitea to see our friends Jump the Wagon perform their first show ever! It was so intimate and the guys were so nervous. There were about 50 people in this little tea house. What is really cool is that Matt (the guy featured in the second to last picture playing the guitar) is my friend, Claire's fiancee. One of the other guys, Jon, used to work with Chad, so it was surprising to see all of them in one night!

*Aren't these charming?

*So bummed that this picture didn't really turn out-I guess it's because it was taken at 11 at night. I just wanted to show how charming this place was and how it was this deep eggplant color.

Well, that and so much more has been going on these last few weeks. Look in the next couple days for even more happenings!


Andrea said...

Mogie's Pub rocks! They have the best hamburgers! I'll have to try their potato bites next time I'm in town.

bethany said...

I LOVE MOGIE'S. Seriously. And they have veggie burgers. Delish.

I checked out Infinitea for the first time last weekend...it is adorable!

Looks like you've been a very busy girl!


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