what I like about... // my younger sister.

H + me rockin' our marching band shirts back in Mankato....and yes, she's always been this cute.

Just like I did with my older sister for her birthday, I had to continue the trend and share some things I like about my younger sister. Hannah's birthday was earlier this week, but she's singing in her high school tour choir right now (I think somewhere in Missouri right now) so she won't see this until she gets back -- that excuses my tardiness, right Hannah? :)

what I like about... // my younger sister Hannah.

01. She's 17. Which means she's still in high school. Which means she knows about trendy things like The Hunger Games and Modcloth and Pinterest (and hers isn't filled with pins about bulletin boards and free worksheets like mine). 
02. She's 17. Which means I get to teach her things like what rated-R movies are worth her time, what spots in the parking lot should be avoided, and when to apply for financial aid in college.
03. She's the creative soul in the family. She has such a perceptive mind -- she's the only one that thinks of adding handmade name cards to the Thanksgiving table.
04. She watches shows like Doctor Who. Which automatically makes her the hippest younger sister ever.
05. She pulls off ray-ban sunglasses, skinnies, and cardis like a pro. I sometimes wish we were the same size.
06. She's grounded.
07. She's giving.
08. She's funny + goofy -- like the rest of the family.
09. She's caring + sensitive.
10. She's faithful to God in all that she does. I pray as her older sister that I can help her continue to be.

The end of my sap-fest. :) 


Laura said...

Very sweet. She'll love it. :)

The White List said...

Your blog is amazing!!!! You are brilliant! Fantastic post! Have a brill day!


Hannah said...

Manda you are such a sweetheart. What a nice surprise! =)


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