a saturday night dinner party.

Last weekend, on St. Patrick's Day, Chad and I went to our friend Bethany's charming apartment for some traditional Irish food. As I typed that sentence out -- I was thinking to myself "Wow, could that be any more drained to flavor and excitement? Why would they care about who I had dinner with." As I think about so many times when coming up with content. :)

But then I took a minute to think about how I write for myself and my memories. Because further down the road I'm going to want to remember the fabulous dinner party that my friend threw on St. Patrick's Day 2012. I'm going to want to remember how I had never tasted corned beef before this dinner and just how good it was when paired with cabbage and vegetables. I'm going to want to remember being at the table with my husband on one side and Bethany on the other being truly grateful to have friends -- friends who I haven't seen in months and then in one night have all that time spent away from each other completely erased. I'm going to want to remember how hot it was in the apartment (not your fault, Bethany!) because it was 80 degrees in March. in Wisconsin. I'm going to want to remember laughing hard at the jokes people my parents' age made while thinking to myself "this is something adult people do -- hang out with older adults...and like it!" I'm going to want to remember Chad getting in the car moments after we left and already planning our own corned beef game plan in his mind...

I wish and wish you have a Bethany in your life because life is dull without her. She just sparkles like it's her job (and probably most her days do involve glitter at some point) :) If you don't have a Bethany, you can borrow mine by checking out her blog: Rinse.Repeat. and liking her Facebook page too! 

Some fun links re: Bethany --  her photos from the St. Patrick's Day dinner party, the instax camera she's giving away, and last but not least, her wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty today!!!

And, yes, she truly is this amazing and creative in real life. :)


Michelle H. said...

Too funny...I'm scrolling down your picture thinking, "Wow...this looks JUST like a party Bethany would/did throw!" And then, "Seriously, how did Amanda make this look so much like Bethany's house!"

Haha...it never occurred to me that you actually know her!

I love reading both of your blogs and am happy to hear that Bethany is just as great as she seems. I'm sure she'd say the same about you. :-)

Meghan said...

Her apartment is just gorgeous! Can't wait to check out her blog, too!


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