what I like about... // my older sister

Before 2011 was over, I sat down one night and wrote down blog ideas and features that I wanted to do here on project simple life. One of the ideas that I wrote about was what I like about... and every week I would post about one topic that I like in my life from great to small or recent to older -- if I like it, then I want to celebrate by sharing it with you. 

The first what I like about... is in honor of my sister, Laura, who is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday Lo!

I'm pretty sure birthdays are an excuse to share old pictures. Here we have: older brother Kyle in the red, me in the white sweatshirt, and the girl in the pink is Laura!

what I like about... // my older sister

01. She's already done everything that I plan on doing. And has done it well. Married for (almost) four years. Been pregnant. Two kids. Maintains a house. Driving manual. Proper application of liquid eyeliner. Changing a diaper in 23 seconds flat... you get the idea. So whenever I have a question with the aforementioned topics, I know she's my girl.
02. Inside jokes were invented by and for sisters. A few of ours are "Howard...Censored!" and "Don't estomp your last season Prada shoes at me honey."
03. She taught me valuable things in life. I owe her for my knowledge of how important it is to keep a to-do list, how vital the role of a wife and mother is to a person, how to properly pluck my eyebrows, how to balance on the middle part of our old swingset, what Walgreens register rewards are, how wonderful AmeliĆ© is, how to make tissue pom-poms, and basically how to care for other humans every day. 
04. She's a bookworm. It seems that every book I like she's told me about. 
05.We share a common love for peanut butter on graham crackers, diet soda, wavy Lay's potato chips, and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
06. She's the only one in my family that will eat the dark meat of chicken or turkey.
07. We think the same when taking pictures. If we are shooting the same subject, we'll be standing or squatting right next to each other.
09. People say we look the same when we smile.
10. Every single girl should have an older sister. This I know for sure. I'm sorry for those that don't. Truly. I look up to mine so so much. 


Laura said...

GIRLfriend. I loved waking up to read and reread this post this morning. What a wonderful birthday present - thank you!

I think I was 6 when that picture was taken; it's pre-glasses, post-first tooth loss. That would put you at 2 and Kyle at 8 - thanks for digging up the old pic! :)

"These aren't last season!" *gasp*

*claire* said...

very sweet - your sister sounds awesome!

i'm the big sister in my fam, but having little sisters is great too! :)

Faiza said...

happy birthday to your sis! wavy lays...thanks for getting that they are WAY better than the wavy-challenged ones...

LizzieBeth said...

Proper application of liquid liner is key for fabulosity. ;)

Happy Birthday to the big sis!


Meghan said...

She sounds like a special lady:)

Gracie said...

Well I think you are truly blessed for having a fantastic sister like her :) I'm sure she appreciates you too!

I have always wished for a sister so it must be great to have one.

kyle said...

I believe it was after the Freshmen Carnival, where we got our faces painted.
I believe the sweatshirt tucked in is such a great look. Thank God I have a girlfriend.

Ginna said...

Aw what a sweet post! As someone who has an older sister, I can relate to all the beautiful things you described. Sisters are the best.


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