spring breaking.

So ... spring break came at the perfect time in my semester.

For reals. Now I know why college kids don't blog.

Last week it was the perfect storm of future assignments, night classes, papers, lesson plans, and on, and on, and on. My breaking point was almost reached and I was thisclose to snapping (or melting into an emotional wreck).

Then God gave me spring break. God soothed my soul and gave me the week off. A week to re-energize for the next two months of long nights in front of the computer while some Real Housewives franchise is shouting at each other in the background. But I am taking these days of just working, working out, and being. Being with my husband and dog and enjoying life. Being me again. Not the me that is spread in seven different directions in one day.

Spring break is my blessing. And I'm taking it.

P.S. God also decided to give us late spring/early summer weather this week and we've been spending every night outside. The pictures above were taken by Chad on Sunday afternoon in between playing catch and water breaks. :)

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Kelly said...

Happy Spring Break! You college kids deserve it (:


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