hello march.

You beautiful month, you. I don't know what it is, but for some reason I always seem to like March. Love March in fact. It could be the week-long no homework break I have coming up (in 10 days to be exact) or the trifecta of birthdays I'll be celebrating (you have to love any month that gives you an excuse to eat birthday cake at least 3 times). But, I think it's because we in the midwest start to realize that winter isn't a season that lasts forever (although it seems like it right now). Of course we will have that one last snowstorm (fingers crossed that it's not too horrible), hopefully then after spring break it's all about shedding the outer parts of jackets and watching those melting snowbanks get smaller and smaller...       I think another reason I really like March is because Chad + I start planning out the summer. Since we have only 3 mos. out of the year that we can really do anything outdoors, we have to fill the calendar up pretty early. Right now we have: camping trip no. 1 (Chad), 30th anniversary party for my parents (will fill you in on that one), one concert, three weddings, one birthday bash, and camping trip no. 2 for him (I don't camp) in the works.

And, yesterday halfway through Bible class, Chad leans over to me and whispers "Europe". I just look at him like "Huh?" You see, we have a big (to us) tax return this year and have been talking about going on a trip since we aren't doing a vacation with my family this year. Vegas, New Orleans, Texas...those were the places we were talking about going to this summer. Now all we can talk about are Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London... Absolutely nothing has been set in stone yet. But...that doesn't stop us from talking to friends that spent 5 weeks touring Europe and looking to see how much plane tickets from London to Berlin are. Last night right after I got home from my Oscar party, we were on Google Maps seeing what sort of route through Europe we could take. I even said to him "Honey, we're going to have to remember to bring earplugs." "Why's that?" he replied. "Because if I'm going to sleep in a hostel with 6 other people, there's bound to be at least one snorer" :)

P.S. Breaking down the photo: Embroidery hoops are amazing. I'll do a separate post on my master plan for all the fabric hoops I have made. For the time being they just sit on my table right next to the calendar Danni gave me.


Claire Kiefer said...

There is nothing more exciting than planning travels. You're making me want to go to Europe! (or Africa, Asia, etc.). In the meantime, I'm psyched for a NYC trip later this month :)

Jamie said...

Nothing makes me happier than starting to plan travel. I booked a Caribbean Cruise last week to help a girlfriend celebrate a milestone birthday. But it isn't til November, so I'm thinking I need something a bit sooner.

Wendi@EveryDayMiracles said...

I just love your beautiful little spot here in blogland - so inspirational.

And wow... Europe would be amazing!!!

Vanessa said...

I always feel like March brings the light at the end of the cold, dark Winter's tunnel. I'm so excited for Spring to be here!

Sounds like your summer will be amazing! I can't wait to one day travel Europe!

Gabriella said...

I live in Europe and all I can say is - go for it! Really, there are a hundred of places, one more amazing than the other! I'd suggest Prague, Barcelona, Vienna, London, Rome, Paris (and the Côte d'Azur is amazing too)... There are countless more places you could/should see!
Have a lovely weekend! x


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