the whats...

What we are snacking on:
*triscuits + laughing cow wedges (perfect for salty cravings during the office)
*yogurt + granola (this is the granola recipe I used: instead of raisins, I used cranberries)
*banana bread + butter (from a church cookbook--sometimes it's nice to go a little old school)

What we are doing this weekend:
*the inevitable homework + work (must get the blahs out of the way early Saturday)
*sister + nephew coming into town and eating Sunday dinner with us
*oscar night this Sunday. We are keeping the tradition alive and having our 6th annual oscar party.

It's all set: Danielle's bringing the wine, Jenny's bringing the veggie tray, Emily is baking a cake and I'm bringing the 2011 bingo cards. We're all set :)


Claire Kiefer said...

Wow, this is making me miss my mama's banana bread (and it truly is so much better with butter, huh?). Yum!

Megan said...

Oh I have a craving for banana bread now. Maybe I will treat myself for lunch. Have a wonderful weekend!

Natalie said...

It sounds perfect! And I must try that granola!

Meghan said...

An Oscar party? TOO FUN! I am SO excited!

Vanessa said...

Mmm banana bread! Yum! Also laughing cow cheese? Scrumptious! I love to eat it on Thin Quattro Formaggio Triscuits. SO yummy!

Hope your party was amazing! Thought with all that yummy food and wine, I'm sure it was!


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