the story of the calendar swap.

I participated in my first ever calendar swap just a couple months ago. When I signed up, I went into it thinking "Oh, I'll probably get some little-known blogger, since I'm a little known blogger." Well, Caroline must really do this at random, because I got Danni.

You know, of...oh, hello friend?

Yeah, I was surprised too. Since she was such an awesome blogger (who has 4500+ followers), I didn't want to pick the wrong one. I hunted her website for inspiration for a couple days and was still at a loss. Well, then I thought, "I'll just get her something that I would want on my wall for twelve months" (I think that was the point all along...). I found the perfect one and sent it right along her way (Hammypie even shipped it for me!).

During the week of Christmas (what a perfect week to get something, right?), a package from Danni arrived on my doorstep containing
this calendar from Paper Source,

and some sweet little goodies (the pocket mirror and pin...and come on, how adorable is that hot air balloon?)! She even put in one of her pocket calendars for me to tuck in my wallet!

Thanks Danni! I really lucked out getting her as my truly wonderful swap buddy. :)


Jamie said...

A calendar swap - how fun! You received and gave beautiful ones.

Shannon said...

I don't know which one I like better, the one you gave or the one you received! What a fun swap, I need to get in on some of those, I love random mail :)

Cassie said...

What a great swap, I didn't hear about that one. And I would have been just the same as you about being partnered with a huge and fab blogger like Danni! Gorgeous calendars.

l. c said...

i love oh, hello friend! and that is a lovely calender!!

shopgirl said...

This Calendar Swap sounds like a great idea! I never heard about it either. I need to read more blogs!

I'm now your latest follower.
Rambles with Reese

{lovely little things} said...

Pretty calendars! I need to join a calendar swap next year.


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