my date(s) for the weekend.

You might have thought based on the title that I have a date with Chad this weekend. But, poor me doesn't even get to see Chad this weekend since he left today with his bros to have a guys weekend down in Milwaukee. Now it's not really a poor me couple of days because I have some dates planned.

I'm having dates with--

my netflix queue. I get to watch all the b + w classics that Chad never wants to watch with me.
my homework. I am shutting myself in my house on Saturday morning and not leaving my laptop until I have completed everything I need to for next week.
my tweezers. The eyebrows are getting outta control.
my gym. Hittin' it up with my iPod on Saturday. 
my oven. I make Summer's oatmeal sandwich bread exclusively and have been slacking on making the next loaf. We haven't had toast for weeks!
my europe plans. As you can probably guess, even since we decided to plan for our Europe getaway, it's all we are thinking about (see video above. Actually don't because then you will probably be dying to go too.) I even recorded the Paris episode of Samantha Brown on the travel channel.

Are you going on any dates this weekend? :)


Meri said...

Oooh- some "me" time!
I love watching classic movies too, especially involving Cary Grant!

Meghan said...

Ahh! Europe! I am so excited for you. You will have the best time ever. I already miss it and I was there less than a year ago! Where are you going??? Cannot wait to hear all about it!

Hannah said...

I cannot believe my SISTER gets to go to EUROPE! The most we've gone out of country is to Montreal.

Hey...that means you'd be ready for France =)

MrsKinne said...

I also have a date with my homework and my netflix queue!

Also, probably my husband.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Where are you going in Europe? We are planning a European vacation for summer 2012.

Dionne said...

This vid is so cute!

Even though you weren't with your man, sounds like some lovely weekend plans.

Ooh Europe! It will be so much fun, I am sure! Brian and I want to go back again, but this year we're going to Australia, but perhaps the year after? I've only been to Germany, Austria, Greece and Switzerland in Europe - so I REALLY want to go back and check out France, Italy and Portugal. I am so jealous!!!


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