I love the Oscars. I know I've already told you how much I like award shows, but the Oscars takes the cake (pun intended and I'll explain why).

When my friend Danielle and I were in high school, we, with our friend Jenny, would have our very own swanky Oscar party. (Minus the swanky part...we would eat cake and sprawl on her couches in our sweatpants and pajamas.) It all started the year The Lord of the Rings took home 9 (or was it 10) Oscars and it has stayed in our traditions every year since. Sure there was the winter that she traveled all the way to England, but this year it's back.

Two years in, we added our Oscar in the form of cake. We ate up that yellow-(excuse me, golden) frosted cake like a couple of hungry high school girls (what kind of H.S. girls wouldn't like cake?) I failed at trying to find a picture courtesy of FB, but I'll just tell you: It was scrumptious.

P.S. Danielle, this year I think it would be fun to do these. 

Do any of you have Oscar parties (even if it's just you and the tv)? I'll be back later next week with my pick for Oscar fashion.

Oh, and, let's discuss: Steve Martin never ages...doesn't he look the same as the Steve M. in Father of the Bride (circa 1991)? 


Meghan said...

I don't host or attend Oscar parties - I just watch them with my hubby. I am really excited for tonight as we have seen most of the movies nominated! And I agree - Steve Martin always looks timeless!

Vanessa said...

I don't host any parties but I did watch it last night. Sounds like a fun tradition for you! Aww Father of the Bride! I LOVE that movie, and part 2!


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