the guy i love doing what he loves.

There is something to be said when you see your love be completely passionate about one thing he gets to do. For as long as I have known Chad, he has always wanted to be a sports announcer. That is his life-long dream. Imagine watching Joe Buck + Troy Aikman on Fox NFL Sunday...now put Chad in one of their spots.

Now we don't exactly live in the sports media capital of the country (I don't even know where you would consider that to be), so he never thought he would be able to announce any game (even though he always talked about how he could do a much better job than the local baseball announcer). That was until my dad told him one Sunday afternoon that he announces high school basketball games at the school I used to attend, and wanted Chad to help him. You should have seen Chad--he was completely jazzed.

So for the past six weeks, he has driven down to the gym, sat up in a tiny booth with my dad and the very talented cameraman, and been the resident color guy. When we go to bed the night before a big game, he takes his sheets of stats with him and will tell me why this team should win, or the 3-point percentage of this player.

It's completely adorable. But...it's also eye-opening for me. Who's to say that he can't do this for the rest of his life? His passion and talent is so there and it makes him an all-around happier man. In an ideal world, we would move to a city where I can be an incredible teacher who teaches the best children in the world and Chad could go off and work for the NFL being a sports announcer. Oh if only...

But for now, we are content to live here in our small town. Me going to school learning about kids being awesome. And him spending Tuesdays and Thursdays living a little bit of his dream :)


LizzieBeth said...

that is so sweet. :)

I love watching JEGs work on cars. He'll pull some greasy part from the engine and show it to me and start talking about what it looked like and how he made it better etc, etc.

I just sit there and nod.. acting like I know what he's talking about :)

Kimberlee said...

Too cute. I think it's so fun to watch somebody, if it be husbands or friends or sisters or kids, in their element. When you know that they are right in the middle of doing what they love and are loving what their doing. Makes me happy.

Jamie said...

Just reading about someone living a dream makes me happier and more hopeful. I'm so happy for him.

Meghan said...

Aww! I love this! It sounds like you are both so happy!

ashley maureen said...

how fun for chad! i think he should stick with it as best he can... you never know!


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