tree details.

 I'm a tree decorating machine.  This year, I got to trim three trees: my family's, Chad's family's, and Chad's.

My Family: We actually have two trees-the kid one and the mom one. Hannah and I decorated it this year while watching "White Christmas". We  made sure that the other one got to put up her ornaments. I got all my "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments {which always go towards the top of the tree} and Hannah got to put up all the angel ornaments she has acquired over the years-she claims that they are all her favorite.  I got a little sentimental during the decorating since this time marked another last for me {the last time I'll decorate the tree with my ornaments, next year they'll be in my apartment  adorning my and my husband's tree}.

Chad's Family: They have the biggest, fattest Christmas tree I've ever seen.  Every year they try to outshine last year's. They succeeded tenfold...chairs have to be moved, living rooms rearranged, just to make room for the beast. They are an incredibly efficent family as well-while the rest of us went to see 'New Moon', Chad's dad set up the lights, garland, and got out the ornament boxes, solo. They are also big on the theory 'the more the merrier' when it comes to the ornaments. We couldn't even fit the two huge boxfuls on the tree; we got to dress up Chad's tree with the leftovers.  They do have the family favorites- the Packers field ornament, the antique bulbs, and the musical bear that used to adorn Chad's grandma's tree {the bear remarkably still works after 15+ years in operation.}

Chad's: We opted for a humble fir from Menards this year. Chad doesn't have a very large living room, so we didn't want to overwhelm the place. The pictures in this post are from this tree-we 'Americanized' it {lights, garland, and more tinsle than necessary}. The ornaments are nothing special-leftover ornaments from Chad's parents and ones that his mom bought last year on clearance. Am looking forward to those meaningful ornaments- the ones we'll get as a married couple, the ones that family members will get on our 'baby's first Christmas', the ones handed down from grandparents and parents.

We do already have our Christmas decorating traditions: gingerbread lattes from Starbucks {a rare treat for us because other than Oct. through Dec/early Jan. we can't justify spending 4+ dollars on a cup of coffee}, the Christmas carols in the speakers {this year it was 94.1 and Sufjan Stevens}, the day after cuddling with just the Christmas lights on...

p.s. Are you wondering why the  second picture is tinted green? My man is a lightbulb man {he works with Sylvania lightbulbs} and got these red and green lights which, when lit, give off this tint on everything...it makes eating food in the living room pretty interesting {who wants to eat green mashed potatoes?}

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