Dear Uriah-(More than one)-sies

Hi Lovey~
It's been so long since I've written you a letter. I just saw you last weekend, but it wasn't enough. There are so many things about this time of your life that I want to remember. Like:
-Your dad feeding you ice cream (your momma hates it) and the look on your face when it hits your lips
-How you look like a frog when you sleep. You spread your legs out and bend your knees so it looks like you're squatting and then you raise your spread arms out and bend your elbows-whatever makes you comfortable kid.
-Your momma knowing exactly what each cry means. She knows when you're hungry, when you have to fart, when you have to burp, and when you're just not having any of it
-How your soft spot is slowing disappearing everytime we see you
-How your buddy Chad realized in church last Sunday that you sleep with your eyelids open ever so slightly
-How you are the noisiest eater I have ever heard
-Your parents being so amazed to have you. Last Saturday, we were all standing around your crib watching you sleep and they just marveled at little ol' you

I browse the internet almost every day looking for clothes and toys and other things that I think you'll like and I love thinking about you liking something and playing with some of the toys. I went through my files yesterday and realized that I only had one old outdated onesie in there that I thought you'd like. So I looked through etsy and here's what I found-

Might not be too appropriate anymore since you're two months old, but I still like it. Maybe we can just say "new" is a relative term. (funky monkey threads)

Now these two make me giggle! Whenever we see(or hear) that you are hungry, we always laugh that you want the Boob:)
(1st: fun2wear2 2nd: round bottom baby)

And since the Fourth of July is coming up next week, I saw these cute little tops and thought you'd look so handsome in them
(1st: potato patch 2nd: kiddyup)

Oh man. I found the perfect onesie for you, little man. Your parents love the Beatles and I know they'd want you in something like this.

Not only do mom and dad like the Beatles, they are also big baseball fans-you should know, you went to a game with them. They'd probably let you wear something like this.

And on top of all that, they both love the Office! Man, you could really make them happy if you got these.
(1st and 3rd: TrulySanctuary 2nd: Muppet Loon)

For all those who doubt that you are a boy (there are people out there who really think that), here's a subtle way to tell them. (Baby cakes and decor)

And these three would cover your round little belly quite nicely:)
(1st: Baby cakes and decor 2nd: Bella Blu Designs 3rd: Alliecraft)


Forever49 said...

Gotta say - Grandma likes the first "boob" onesie the best followed closely by the Beatles onesie.

Laura said...

LOVE the boob onesies. And the Beatles one, the baseball one, and the Office one.


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