Over the past couple weeks

This is what I've been doing-

-went to the Brewers/Twins game with the family. And got to see Ryan Braun:)

Chad was not to happy because the Brewers lost 11-3,

but my dad was happy since he got to see his baseball team (Isn't he so handsome in this picture?!)

-snuggled with this sweetie baby during Hannah's confirmation weekend

(so beautiful.)

while playing dominoes with the family

before going to Hannah's confirmation service

and then having an awesome party with the family

where Chad was the punch-pouring-king-of-the-world. Seriously. He was so cute when he would talk about sherbet to Sierra Mist ratio and how many filled cups should be on the table-what a guy.

and everyone came to see Hannah

and this little charmer (can you believe he's staring right at Chad?!)


Laura said...

U looks really dark in that second picture.

And I had no idea Chad was so into the punch-pouring thing. What a guy.

See you Saturday!

Forever49 said...

I didn't know Chad was doing a ratio-thing with the punch. I guess we should have bought more seeing as how we ran out and ended up putting out water pitchers.


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