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I have recently discovered one of the many differences between men and women:

A couple weeks ago, Chad's best friend Lee was coming into town for the weekend. Since this would affect my weekend as well, I wanted to know some actual details. Well, the conversation went a little something like this-

C: Oh, I got a text from Lee saying that he's coming into town this weekend.
A: Cool! When will he get here?
C: I don't know, Friday night sometime.
A: So you don't know what time it'll be? When is he leaving?
C: I think he said on Monday.
A: So do you think that he'll be able to come to your parents cookout (which was that weekend)?
C: I don't know. Maybe.
A's dad: Amanda, you have just figured out that men don't care about details as much as women. And Chad, the way you avoid this badgering is to never answer the phone.

So there you have it. Men and women (at least in our case) are complete opposites when it comes to details of a particular event. At least we figured this out early on in our lives:) Does this happen to anyone else out there?

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Laura said...

oh, excellent. and SO TRUE.


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