Several Thursdays ago, we went out to the ball game. The Brewers were in town and since my parents and some of Chad's cousins only live about 90 minutes away, we decided to treat ourselves (and my parents) to a baseball game. I mean, look at that view of downtown Minneapolis! We had been to Target Field only once before, so it was definitely a treat to go and root for our actual team. (Just because we crossed state lines, doesn't mean that our baseball loyalty changed.) :)

This game was our gift to my parents for their wedding anniversary. They have learned the art of simplicity, so always tell us that we don't need to "get" them anything for special occasions. And that "being together is enough for them". I like that perspective quite a bit.

Chad's awesome cousins, Brian, Kellie, and Terry came with and helped us cheer on our Brewers!

 During the game, Chad was able to get some "action shots". Target Field was celebrating "Retro Night", so both teams wore their old school uniforms and all of us got Kirby Puckett jerseys (which my parents are wearing in the above picture).

It's always nice to see a win!

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Chad said...

Good times. Go Crew!


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