Part two

(This post was supposed to be out a couple weeks ago to go along with the post about Chad and my engagement story, but I forgot about it. Sorry if you were waiting long!)

Not only was this weekend about Chad and I getting engaged, it was also the weekend we went down to Milwaukee for the Brewers game. Everything about the day was amazingly smooth. We had no trouble getting there, the TomTom was so precise that at one point, Steve (Chad's dad) exclaimed "I love you, TomTom!" It was the perfect two days to have right after we got engaged. There were no overbearing questions, we just got to get away from the limelight for a little bit and spend time with the family. We had a blast tailgating, watching the Brewers in one of the best baseball games of the night, drinking some beers (aka Diet Coke for me), and just relaxing and knowing we had no place to be.

It was fun to get calls from family and friends who congratulated us on the engagement. I got to talk to my brother and a couple really close friends which was a nice treat. We just kept saying to each other how perfect everything went and how it was simply some of the best days we've spent together.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

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