150 by 8.31

Chad and I are kicking up our fitness goals this summer.

In the past year, we have tried different monthly ones (ab challenges, squat challenges, plank challenges) but our problems with completing them revolved around the fact that we tried doing them all at once. When Chad got home from a 10 hour day of work. We basically set ourselves up for failure. I was still getting a daily workout in, but we weren't working at something together, something we both enjoyed.

This summer, though, we have set ourselves up for success. Inspired by the Tone It Up girls (read about their challenge here), we are going to do 150 by 8.31. We will walk/run/jog 150 miles by the end of summer. I averaged it out to 1.5 miles each day.

We know that there will be days that we won't be able to do this together (like tonight, when Chad goes to a Brewers/Twins game). But the days that we can do it are awesome. Even if it is just 1 mile. We are getting out there at night. We are not making excuses because we are holding each other accountable. 

Funny story about day 1 (June 1st): We went to the Grand Day Festival on Grand Avenue in St. Paul and started tracking our miles there. We went two miles in the wrong direction because I was holding the map. So on a day that we should have only gotten 2-3 miles in, we actually got 5 in. That's what happens when the directionally challenged wife is leading the husband and wife team around... Luckily, Chad put a positive spin on our day and reminded me that we're just that much closer to reaching our 150. 

We do need to come up with a "we finished!" reward. Sushi? Twins game? Funnel cake at the State Fair? We'll let you know. :)

I would love to hear if you and your love work out together. Are you setting up a "challenge" like ours? Feel free to adapt this one to suit you and your family. We're only the 4th day in. :)

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