Today Sheena posted one picture and wrote about it. Then she asked bloggers to do the same.
Above is my picture.
Below are my words.
gallery walls remind me of grandmas.
grandma hulke's wall leading downstairs.
grandma hallauer's wall in the hallway off the kitchen.
glancing up at the same picture of g + g while I was eating my breakfast at their table.
slowly adding to my own gallery wall above our couch.
I always ask for picture frames for Christmas.
I love looking at people's pictures when I go to their houses.
it all started with one picture.
the 11 x 14 picture of us kissing in our wedding clothes.
then we went to paris.
so I added the eiffel tower picture that chad took.
I love the pictures chad takes (I think more than my love for my own pictures).
etsy purchases were added -- the paris postcard and the she + he shoes.
then an addition flash card from a thrift store.
a fabric scrap wreath.
a photobooth picture.
a free download.

all these pictures are us.
right now. 
before kids school pictures are added.
and their artwork that we'll frame.
but that's in the future.
God's got all that ready for us.
Thank goodness.

so this is our first edition.
it's ever changing.
evolving to what is relevant. 
in the present.

p.s.  funny enough, I posted about this very subject in 2009! Read my thoughts: here.


sheena said...

love love this!

"first edition"
so great:)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love your gallery wall, and the words you've written, Amanda. Just lovely! Enjoy this time, and all that's to come. I can just imagine how that wall will fill up!

Jamie said...

Isn't it amazing to be building your history together, one piece of art at a time?


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