12 on the 12th. // august

01. The Olympics is closing as I type. Now what will Chad and I watch together? I know...old episodes of Louis on Netflix. (Sidenote: 'Imagine' gave me chills.)
02. I love that the Olympics inspires people to get fit. My bodypump instructor never fails to bring up Lochte or Franklin during our hour together.
03. Chad bought me the Canon 50mm lens for my birthday. I think I'm in love.
04. I also think I'm in love with the following: apples + peanut butter, cottage cheese + scrambled eggs, and ripe peaches (they don't need anything added to them).
05. Leo does this cute/annoying thing when I have popcorn sitting on my lap -- he'll get as close to me as possible, look up at me and give me those puppy eyes. I cave and give him some of course, but not without making him 'sit' first.
06. Pacey Witter is unlike any guy that I went to high school with. I'm currently watching DC because 1) I wasn't allowed to when I was a kid 2) I want to see what all the fuss around it was and 3) I am a bored during the day almost-back-to-school-student-teacher.
07. My nephew and sister called me on my birthday earlier this month and sang Happy Birthday on my voice mail. I may never delete it.
08. I am in current desperation to find cute, modest/teacher appropriate, comfortable clothing for my student teaching days. I guess I'll have to shop. :)
09. Current Reads: Seabiscuit and In Defense of Food. I have this thing with non-fiction at the moment.
10. I have a problem with buying fabric from my local thrift store and thinking that I'll do all these great things with it when really it just keeps Karma company up in the attic.
11. The Olympics also makes me pine for London again and forces me to commit to putting all my pictures in an album (and share some with you!)
12. Chad and I have three days off in two weeks. Chad and I want to go somewhere. Maybe Chicago??


Michelle H. said...

Are you enjoying Dawson's Creek?

My friends and I were HOOKED in high school (probably has something to do with the fact that they were the SAME age/grade as us). For years, all of my boyfriends/crushes were categorized as either being "a Dawson" or "a Pacey," and I still listen to the soundtracks and pop in the DVDs if I'm home sick.

I just wondered if it's as enjoyable if you're watching it after already living through high school and dating drama.

Emily Meyer said...

In response to bullet point #8-start browsing koshercasual.com. Look past the name-it has some great tanks to modify your current wardrobe, and longer skirts that go below the knee (I guess you could call them 'midis'). Great for teacher clothing items!

Vanessa said...

Mmmm fresh peaches, one of my favorite things about summer!


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