frame it.

Both sets of my grandparents have one section of their houses that are covered in pictures of their kids and grandkids. For my mom's parents it's one wall that is arranged by oldest to youngest. My mom is the second youngest out of seven, so there wasn't a lot of room when it got to the end. My grandparents would feature their daughters' graduation pictures, wedding pictures and their kids pictures. With 19+ grandkids it gets a little crowded. But I still love it. Whenever we go to their house, I like to go down the hall and see which pictures they've changed out and which ones they've kept since the last time I was there.

My dad's parents have their living room as the main picture display area. In their old house though, they had all sorts of pictures hanging leading down to their basement. Now they have their living room walls arranged by sections. On one wall it's great-grandkids, or grandkids' wedding pictures, grandkids' families, and children families.

I think I've developed a love for framed pictures ever since my childhood simply because when I was younger that's what I was exposed to when I would go over to their houses. If you ever need to get me a present, a picture frame is always foul-proof. I just love putting my life on display for people to see when they come over to my house. When I have my own house with Chad, and you come over, you'll see our lives through pictures.

Here's some pictures that inspired me-

*apartment therapy

*all things lovely

*mary ruffle

*apartment therapy

*apartment therapy

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