in the mail.

 Question: Do any of you still send Valentines to your loved ones?

I'm sure my love for Valentine's Day mail stems from my immersion in early childhood + the day care kiddos I'm with every year: I look forward to getting 'miss amanda' scribbled all over the front of a valentine with characters from Cars 2 on the front and chalky love hearts attached in a baggie.

My valentines to siblings and schoolmates aren't covered in glitter and they don't have a tootsie roll pop sticking out, but they do come from the same place in my heart that they did when I was in elementary school and gave cards during my class party. I want to make my loved ones feel special and loved since they do the same to me.

Curious where I got these? I dug them out of my craft box a couple weeks ago and remembered that I bought them when chronicle books was having a sale. Find your own box here: the little box of I love you.

p.s. Just have to say... best new artist! so proud. :)


Meghan said...

I don't send cards, but I might if I had cards as cute as those!

Jamie said...

I haven't sent any in years (of course I haven't been dating anyone on Valentine's Day in years either.) But I'm thinking my niece and nephew are going to get a little surprise this year.


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