five senses.

seeing // my new February meal calendar. This month, I'm learning the great skill of organization + planning ahead that was perfected by my mother. With some of my school days lasting from 7am all the way to 8pm I have to pack my lunch + backpack + life with me into the car. So, I had to plan an entire month of meals that we can whip up when we walk in the door home from the gym or work.

hearing // Bon Iver on the radio. Bon Iver on SNL (tomorrow night!) and the Grammys (next week!).We are thrilled for our hometown band!

smelling // sweat. at the gym. (does that gross you out?) That really isn't my intention but I have to share my proud fitness moment with you --- out of the past 34 days, I have gone to the gym + gotten my sweat on (whether it's at classes or the elliptical) 28 days! (eek! Is this really me?) For a newly conformed regular at the gym, this is an amazing feat. I don't know where my inspiration is coming from, but I want it to last!

tasting // mint chocolate chip frozen yogurt. Yes I know that I just said that I'm a gym-goer, but it's our favorite weekly guilt-free (almost) that we share...in small bowls of course.

touching // the laptop keys. With school in full speed again, I am tied once again to my favorite/least favorite slave driver. Sprinkling a pinterest session into reading education articles is the best way I learn. :)


Erin {pughs' news} said...

Good on you for getting all that exercise! Since school started back on Jan 3rd, I've gone for a brisk walk every single lunch hour, and have been really excited about my evening training runs to get ready for a 10K run in May. I am starting to feel so much better, physically and mentally. Yay!

Katie M said...

28 days!! You rock!!


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