his + hers: what is your roller derby name?

Let's start the day off with something fun, shall we? Let's talk roller derby!

Last month, Chad and I spent a fun couple of hours watching our local roller derby team, the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls. While we were sitting there watching our friend, Coley (the blur of a girl in the below shot), we thought of some pretty killer derby names.

His: Chad thought of Chad Medicine (a play on "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi)
Hers: Amanda thought of AmandaSlaughter (like manslaughter did I need to explain that one? .... Chad was the one who actually thought of that for me).

I wanted you to go out into the world today knowing your roller derby name, so I searched through Facebook and saw this link: Roller Derby Name Generator.

What's your roller derby name?

AmandaSlaughter :)

P.S. I know that our town is super cool and hip to have a roller derby team and if yours doesn't -- might I suggest Whip It to fulfill your roller derby needs? It comes highly recommended by me and my sister, Hannah.

1 comment:

LizzieBeth said...

As a blocker, I am Abby Calamity.

For the record, I wouldn't mess with AmandaSlaughter.



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