making life a little easier for your readers

I'm about to give you the secret to blogging. Well, it's certainly not the secret to blogging -- as there is none, but it will make your readers thank you and help make their daily blog reading a little simpler. And that's how we operate here over at project simple life.

I'm talking about the mobile version of your blog.

If you blog with Blogger, we all have one. But very few of us use it. I only discovered the mobile version of my blog this week and already Chad has told me how much easier it is to read my blog on his smartphone. Since the smartphone has come into my life, I've found myself on bloglovin' checking out all of your wonderful blogs while I'm doing mundane tasks like waiting in the checkout line, burning calories on the elliptical, and sitting in my car during my break. I've noticed that I am spending most of my time zooming in, scrolling from side to side just to read the post and look that the comments.

After making the switch myself, so to speak, I worked up this little 5 step tutorial for you. Feel free to do this on your blog page while reading this post! It goes a little something like this:

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LizzieBeth said...

done and doner. I am pretty sure JEGs will thank you ;)



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