family photo shoot

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my sister asked me if I could take some pictures of her and her family for their Christmas card. After getting over the surprise "Are you sure? I'm not a professional?" monolougue I had with myself -- I agreed.

And, I mean -- how could I not? This children are the most adorable I'm not biased at all children on the planet and they are so good in front of the camera. They have had plenty of photo shoots in the past, so taking pictures out in my parents' backyard while they sat on the piano bench was no problem for these old pros.

Seriously...how cute are UJ and baby Z? :)

Now that I've done one 'session' with the new camera, I am eager to get my hands on more experience and tips from professional photographers. I save as many tutorials as I can on one of my favorite pinterest boards: picture-taking business.


Creativechaos said...

The second one is definitely my favorite!


Amanda said...

Haha Amanda, how right you are -- that's the one they picked to be on their card! :)

Christen said...

You did a great job!

Lauryn said...

These photos are so great! I love the soft hoiday lights in the background too. Perfect!


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