Sometimes in our marriage, Chad will say something that will jolt me awake and help me better understand my role as a wife.

"I just need my home life to not be stressful right now" Chad said to me.

This started two weeks ago when he was working an extra hour or two every weeknight and bringing work with him to our house. Mister is stressed. And has reached a level of exhaustion and frustration with his job that I don't remember him ever being at before.

Enter Superwife. I put on my non-existent pink sparkly cape and did things around our house that made his life less stressful -- meals on the stove top, dog fed and watered and a gin + tonic waiting in a glass with a lime. Snow shoveled. Coffee in a mug.


before I start patting my back and give myself and high-five, there's a lesson that I'm learning from this whole experience.

This is my role.

This is part of me being his wife. No, it's not about having dinner made or the dishes done the second he walks through the door. If I looked at it that way, I would be anxious all the time trying to please him. It's not about that.

It's about being a partner to him. Recognizing the weakness and struggle that he's going through and being a light to him. Being someone he can rely on -- lean on. I'm starting to recognize that my resolution to be his partner is happening right now.


Katie M said...

Oh man isn't that the worst when you realize you're doing so well and realize you should've been doing it all along? Sheesh, marriage ain't for the weak that's for sure!

Megan said...

I think some of the best things in a relationship are the simple things, cleaning dishes or making my lunch are some of the things I really appreciate.

jennalou said...

This subject has been on my mind a lot lately as we are going through some job related stresses. It's a good reminder that sometimes the little things are what bind us together and can help each other be stronger.

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Love this post! I read a book recently on being a Christian wife and was a little exhausted at the prospect - after all, no where does the Bible say we get a good night's sleep. :) But it's so true. I agree with Katie above, marriage isn't for the weak!

Claire said...

Hi! love this, Marriage is about partnership..my hubs rarely does the dishes, but when he does do them....it's at the exact moment i need him too :)


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