his + hers: christmas gifts

Before we wrap up 2011, put it behind us as just a memory, and start rolling in 2012, I wanted to share what Chad and I got each other for Christmas. Because...it's eerily scary how similar we thought when buying these gifts for one another.

Chad and I don't do Christmas gifts big and plentiful -- usually it's just one gift that we share or one gift that I buy for myself and one gift that he buys himself (see last year's: kitchenaid mixer and new golf clubs). Nothing too complicated or expensive because a) we like simplicity and detest standing in lines in December and b) I'm a working college student living on a budget.

This year's gifts reflected our trip to Paris and London that we took in July/August. We made so many memories during this trip and took plenty of pictures, too. But we each (unknowingly to the other) chose something special from the trip to give the other.

Hers to him: On the first full day we were in Paris, we had dinner with my cousin and her husband who live in Germany and work for the Air Force. Before we left the states on our trip, we arranged to meet up with them somewhere to have dinner. Little did we know that we would meet at Chez Georges (which is a fancy restaurant in close distance to the Lourve // read an npr review here). We ate incredible cheeses, drank French wine and ate entrees that were covered in béarnaise sauce.

After spending several hours talking and drinking, we knew we didn't want to leave them so early, so we jumped at the chance to spend more time together and took the train down to the Eiffel Tower. This was the first time we had seen the Eiffel up close, so Chad and I were pretty giddy. We took turns with the camera and Chad took the above shot.

For his gift, I blew it up to 8 x 10, changed it to black and white and set it in this thrifted frame I found at my favorite local thrift store.

His to her: That same cousin of mine told me that while we stayed in London, I should try a Strongbow and Blackcurrant. Of course me being the tourist who is easily impressioned ordered one the very first night we were there in our hostel above the pub. Then a tradition was born -- every night after we were done wandering in London stopping at all the sites, we would come back to our hostel, change into our comfy clothes and go down to the pub where we would watch cricket (or attempt to understand cricket), eat pizza, charge our phones, and plan for the next day. Every night we did this -- I would always get a Strongbow and Blackcurrant while Chad ordered whatever interesting ale or beer that he could find.

Chad wanted to surprise me with  this drink for Christmas and set out to find some in our local stores.Well, funny thing about Blackcurrant -- you can't find it in the United States. (Well, maybe it just doesn't exist in Wisconsin). He found some on (where else) Amazon and told me if a package arrives not to open it. Then, one day after work, I come home and Chad tells me to sit down, close my eyes, and take a sip of something. I was pleasantly surprised to find my drink... my London drink, sitting right in front me just as if we were sitting in our pub in London.

Do share: what did you get your mister this Christmas? And what did you get from him? :)


Katie M said...

Aw that's so cute and thoughtful of you guys to give each other similar gifts from your trip! Two peas in a pod huh!

The Hus and I got new furniture this year so that = our Christmas present. I actually am ridiculously excited about our new coffee table, end tables and lamps. Man, I'm old.

Claire Kiefer said...

How incredibly thoughtful of both of you! What sweet gifts. Those are so much better than mass-produced gadgets. :)

Meghan said...

I love these gifts! They are so meaningful and I am sure bring back so many memories!

LizzieBeth said...

I love your gifts to each other! JEGs and I took the plunge and bought a new couch-- how romantic ;)

Beyond that, I got him a new jacket that I found on super super markdown and he got me pretty bottles to store my perfume :)


Jordie said...

that is so cute he ordered it for you! Ribena is very popular over here (Australia) especially with kids haha x


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