3 things that make Chad happy this week.

So you guys will never guess what I have to do for my winterm class this year...write a blog! It's how my teacher grades our work and gives us an "online notebook" (his words, not mine). Since I've been spending nine hours of the past three days writing thirteen posts, I just haven't wanted to spend much time on blogger...youknowwhatimean?

But, because I love you and I love writing on here, I thought I share with you some things that are making Chad elated. And when husband is happy, wife is happy. :)

01. He finally has them. The new golf clubs. After much browsing online and two trips to Golf Galaxy, the new beauties are sitting in our dining room. Almost every night, Chad will move the recliner, get out his putter, and practice his shot (Last night he said, "I wish I could do something else in the house besides putting...like using the sand wedge.) Darling, it makes me nervous for my picture frames and my glass windows when you talk like that. :)

I have gotten a lesson in the fundamentals of golf so now I can tell you what a hybrid is, why the shaft is shortened for some people, oh and why weight affects the swing. The new purchase has caused much excitement in our house the last couple days...we are tempted to take a road trip to warmer climates so that Chad can break them in.

02. He, not we, are excited for the NFL post-season (I am denying that football exists anymore after my team's heartbreaking loss. Before Saturday: wash husband's jersey and long-sleeve tee (it's part of the 'lucky outfit' apparently). He hopes to ride the high of Sunday's win all the way to Saturday night. While he watches the game, I'll be sitting next to him reading my next Real Simple/knitting.

03. Yesterday, we finally watched The Social Network. I think it was the busyness of December, but he waited so patiently for us to find a free night to go see it. I believe it'll be in our DVD library, since Chad is a big fan of the director. We actually had much debate over this on Sunday: Should we buy the movie without seeing it, or should we waste 4 dollars seeing it in our town's budget theater? We wasted the 4 bucks :) And, I confirmed to myself that I indeed have a teeny crush on Jesse Eisenberg (he's just a little cutie!).

P.S. Three things that are making wife happy today: spending the day with my hair pinned back and cooking this soup, baking this bread and reading this cookbook.


Laken said...

Your happy things sound perfect.. I'm jealous :)

Meghan said...

That is so super cool that you get to blog for class!

::Hannah:: said...

I didn't realize that you watched it for the first time yesterday...I thought you saw it awhile ago! Because you said something like "we're going to see that facebook movie" sometime. guess not

Meri said...

I have the teeniest, tiniest crush on jesse eisenberg as well. And I continue to be mystified as to what I find attractive about Justin Timberlake, but I crush on him too.

Cassie said...

What a great list, it seems we both have a sport loving husband. In my household at the minute it is cricket and football at the moment. Love your little list tagged on the end.


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