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Good Morning! :)

Wow. Where did I go? Sorry about that. Sincerely. I didn't mean to leave for that long since I do have events + posts I want to share with you. Before I tell you how I've been filling my time, I have to get business out of the way. The winner of the very london giveaway is: Eleise of One Artsy Mama! (Congrats Eleise! I wish I could keep the goodies for myself, but I'll mail it to you shortly!)

In the midst of jotting down blog ideas and topics, I was filling my time with other things. 

Simple things like...
crafting rosette flowers like a mad woman last night. Seriously. I loved working the fabric with my hands and burning my fingers on hot glue. Sometimes you have to have a night where you forgo the chores and just craft (amiright?)
finally figuring out simple things at my work (a daycare center) like how one child likes her back patted at naptime and how to handle arguments at blocks -- it's all about celebrating the little victories. 
cleaning my apartment. I'm getting my post-vacation life back in order and that involves cleaning every inch of the house until it sparkles. 
falling in love with Mad Men all over again. Thank you, Netflix. :)
driving around with Chad and listening to the most ridiculous songs imaginable -- ('Shots") is one of them.  
seeing my nephew + niece again after a 53-day absence. (Pictures of mr. UJ and baby Zara will be shared soon). 

P.S. The tutorial I used for the flowers can be found on pinterest.  


LizzieBeth said...

welcome back. I too have been a bad blogger (both in writing and reading). Let's make a pact to both be better about it, k?

..and hoorrraaaayyyy for little victories. I will be coming to you for advice when the little monster fights over blocks ;)


Jamie said...

Glad you are back - but very glad you've been out there living!

Cassie said...

Weeks are disappearing before my very eyes at the moment too, so no need to apologies to me! I love that you have been having a crafty session and I have that terrible urge to clean every inch of my house at the moment too, must be the new season.

Gracie said...

These are utterly gorgeous. I may just have to check out that tute to make some of my own. Plus these pretty flowers won't die on me :p

Thanks for entering my giveaway!


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