now i want a puppy.

In my family, we aren't big pet people. The closest thing we got to was a beta fish named Obadiah, that we lived with when I was 13. We always asked my parents "Why can't we get a dog or cat?" to which they'd reply "Because Dad's allergic." (The real truth is because he didn't want to pick up after the dog...you know, poo-wise. Which we found out later when my parents felt like we were ready to handle it. :) ) I never ever considered myself to be a "pet person". Little Amanda was more than happy to have brief encounters with her best friend's big black dog, Shadow. And leave it at that.

Then I met + married into Chad's family -- these people are all about dogs. and cats. Since Chad was a baby, his family has always had at least one dog (sometimes two) in the house. Chad tells me that the fondest memories that he has of his childhood was playing around with Rocky or Bear. Dogs will always be a part of his life.

Imagine Chad's surprise when the love of his life, his wife, says "Well...honey...I'm not really big on dogs. I like 'em, I just don't know if I could ever own one". Would that just crush a dog-lover's heart? He has always said to me, "Honey, we can just get a medium-sized one...right?" (Chad: always the compromiser.) which keeps me right on the fence about the whole Amanda-being-a-dog-owner discussion.

Braunie. This little guy might have just pushed me onto the pro-dog side of that fence, though. On Saturday, Chad's parents brought this little cutie home. And on Sunday, when we went over for our weekly supper, I got to meet Braunie. The sweetest, warmest, rolliest, softest puppy I have ever seen. How can I resist his warm body snuggled against mine as we lay on the couch? How can I not get a puppy since now I know it comes with giggling at the way he runs or how utterly adorable he is when he lays down on his paws? Slowly, I a warming up to the idea of having a dog on a more permanent basis -- just as long as he stays in the puppy stage for a while.

How about you -- are you from a "pet family" or not?

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Erin {pughs' news} said...

We were never really a pet family until we got a cat when I was in university. We love that cat. Then my dad finally convinced my mom that he needed to get a labrador puppy and suddenly- pet family! We love to watch the Charlie and Duke cuddle up on the rug by the fire. It's hilarious, and very, very cute.

Gracie said...

Ohh he is utterly beautiful! I would snuggle up with him for sure.
I come from a non pet family. We only had fish and a bird for a little while so I would love a little dog. :)

Laura said...

It will never, ever, Ever, EVER happen at our house. EVER.

We're going to get an aquarium at some point. But that's it.

But man, that dog sure is cute. :)

Cassie said...

One gorgeous bundle of fur! I grew up in a cat family even though I am really allergic but my husband always had a dog, sometimes cats and various other animals as pets (he is a farming family) so being around his family has made me grown fond of dogs.
I adore the family ones now but I have to say that the tidying up and walking in the rain holds me off from having our own for now. This little one would be temptation though I agree.

*claire* said...

unnnnbelievably cute!!!!!

Jamie said...

What a beauty!

I grew up with pets, but only outside pets (I'm from a small town and that's just how we did it.)

Now we all have indoor pets and I love them, but they are work.

Hannah said...

Seriously? Zerubbabel got jipped on the pet mention.

And he's CUTE!! Braunie is a perfect name for that puppy!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! He looks so soft and snuggly! I'm going to go cry now. I want him!!! :)

You have to get a dog!!!

Vanessa said...

Oh geez, he is precious! I love puppies!

My family is a pet family. We've had all kinds of animals, except for dogs. I'm more of a cat person myself and I LOVE my cat. She's my furbaby!

Healthy Branscoms said...

Love your blog! :) I became a follower! Erin


Alli said...

I grew up with two dogs from early elementary school (around K or 1st grade) and they lived through my junior year of high school. I will always want a pet in my life. I'm very much a dog person and I think you're right, it would break an animal lovers heart to not have an animal. whew! Fish just aren't the same thing by a long shot. :\ I hope you can get a dog and fall in love like you would never believe!

Kelly said...

And now I want a puppy. That little wet nose!

Tamara said...

I'd take a puppy any day.
I'm holding out for a GoldenDoodle.
They are pricey so I'm trying to fill up my piggy bank.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

We have 3 dogs and while they do require some work they give back so much love. It amazes me just how much they want you to know they are your world.


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